Get to Know: Xmiramira On How Gaming Helped Her Become The Young Woman She Is Today

Gaming is more than a pastime for Xmiramira. A top broadcaster on Twitch — a live-streaming video platform where gamers can interact and compete — she’s known for taking The Sims 4 to new heights. Gaming has helped her evolve into the young woman she is today. More and more young women are getting into gaming and 1,000 Dreams Fund wants to help make those dreams come true. Join our  Streams for Dreams fundraiser to help Twitch broadcasters (like Xmiramira) help raise funds for the next wave of girls in gaming.

How has gaming influenced who you are?

Gaming helped to shape the individual I am today. I was always into tycoon games, simulation games and time management games. I feel like that can be directly linked to my leadership skills and my ability to work with a team, my sanity and my patience. Working towards completing a game can give you patience and enhance critical thinking. Video games are the ultimate stress reliever for me.

What are some of the particular challenges of being a female broadcaster?

Dealing with sexism and people being rude and foul online towards you simply for being a woman. Then there are the people who make assumptions about you without even knowing who you really are.

Why do you love The Sims 4?

I love the Sims 4 because players are allowed to express their creativity in a variety of ways. Content creation, storytelling and character customization are some of my favorite features in that particular game.

How do you deal with negative criticism?

As a streamer I am usually met with an abundance of positivity. Occasionally I deal with racism and sexism. I normally block those people ASAP. Depending on my mood, I will clown them on their way out!

Why should girls get into gaming?

I feel like more women and girls should get into gaming because they never know if they may like it and what it can lead to! It’s not just a guy thing. You will never know unless you try, so take that first step. There are tons of types of video games and you will never know what you will like. So try them all!