We Revved Up Careers in Gaming and Esports With A Workshop Presented By 1DF’s BroadcastHER Initiative + Hitmarker

Our first gaming and esports workshop with Hitmarker scored big!

We recently partnered with Hitmarker, the world’s largest gaming and esports job platform, for a special 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER “Rev Up Your Career in Gaming and Esports” Workshop on Thursday, July 30.

And we had a full house of young women who have dreams of making it big in the industry. Hitmarker helped them get their foot in the door with lots of helpful tips, advice, and networking via chat — and many connections were made!

It was all so good, but we’re sharing a few of our favorite (and most helpful!) moments.

First, our host, Radpuppy, gave her insight on how to add content creation to your resume:

And, Cam, content lead at Hitmarker, provided his top tips for creating a resume for gaming:

We also covered:

  • What to do before starting a job search — prepping your resume and cover letter
  • How to identify suitable roles and what research you should do to increase your chance of success
  • How to conduct yourself after applying for a job
  • Industry standard rates and how to tell if an offer is fair
  • Bonus! An open forum for Q&A with Hitmarker and 1,000 Dreams Fund!

This special career development workshop is just one of the ways that we are working with Hitmarker to help more young women pursue a career in gaming and esports, and it will provide tips and tools you need to succeed professionally in this industry and beyond!

There is more to come for 1,000 Dreams Fund and Hitmarker later this year, so stay tuned!