Our SECOND visit of the year to the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas for our BroadcastHER Academy Trip was a hot one! And so cool, too! (You can see the recap of our first trip of the year here.)

On this trip, we brought four of our 2023 BroadcastHER Academy Fellows, including @zhobiii (they/them), @MaterialGirlB, @elfcoffee, and @badgirlReezie

There is much to celebrate as this is our FIFTH year of the BroadcastHER Academy Esports Fellowship program for women, powered by Allied Entertainment & Gaming and HyperX, which specifically helps women who want to work in esports and gaming level up their careers and reach their goals.

Here’s a snapshot of our itinerary on July 21, 2023. It was a nonstop day of experiences that changed the game for our Fellows!

Our Fellows started the day with a tour of the HyperX Arena, including a special look at the production room!

They also experienced what the arena had to offer — first-hand — including the caster’s booths, which are soundproof booths where commentators cover the gaming action. 


Our Fellows had a game-changing mentorship session with Yinghua Chen, CEO and President of Allied Gaming & Entertainment!

From left to right: badgirlReezie, elfcoffee, Yinghua Chen, zhobiii, MaterialGirlB

Plus, our partners at HyperX called in virtually to share their knowledge with our Fellows during a SECOND mentorship session!

The hands-on learning part of the experience takes place when our Fellows are matched with team members of Allied Gaming & Entertainment, based on their dreams and career interests, to shadow them for the afternoon. In the evening, our Fellows are then invited to assist with the production of the tournament, including observing game play as well as competing and casting. 

Oh, and it was all the HYPE in the HyperX Hype Tunnel, which is a 40-foot custom-colored tunnel that players run through before tournaments.

Left to right: badgirlReezie, zhobiii, MaterialGirlB, elfcoffee

As always, 1,000 Dreams Fund is always thrilled to take the stage in the evening in front of a hyped-up crowd to interview and celebrate our Fellows during a live-streamed event.

Our Fellows even receive their big checks on stage at this time!

Left to right: zhobiii and Chelsea Larsuel, Programs Manager

Plus keep your eyes open for the fun replay of the “live” onstage moment, to be linked below soon. You’ll feel the energy in the room!

We can’t wait for our next BroadcastHER Academy visit to the HyperX Arena later this year — stay tuned!