How The Trend Sisters Turned Their Passion For Fashion Into A Successful Blog

Gabby Rose and Claire Alena Gammon are two sisters with a love for fashion. When Claire was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), she decided to turn her love for creative writing and fashion into a blog as a creative outlet. She enlisted her sister Gabby for help and The Trend Sisters blog was born.

Since then, the girls have gained a massive online following and modeled designs for some big names in fashion, including dELiA*s, Banana Republic, PromGirl, Alyce Paris, Rey Swimwear, The Frosting Company, The Black Tux, Albion Fit, Shop Maude and Chalet Cosmetics on their blog. The teen sisters joined the 1,000 Dreams Fund Student Advisory Board this year to continue their professional development and to inspire other young women to reach their dreams.

Where did the name “The Trend Sisters” come from?

We came up with the name The Trend Sisters because we wanted a unique name that sounded fun and stood out from the crowd. We also liked that the “Trend Sisters” sounded like “trendsetters.”

Claire, how has your life changed since your ADD diagnosis?
Being diagnosed with ADD was quite a relief because I was struggling in school and didn’t know what was causing it. I think having the blog has been great because I’ve been able to use it to bring awareness to ADD and inspire a lot of kids to know they can do anything they want.

What makes The Trend Sisters blog unique?

Gabby: I think what makes the Trend Sisters blog unique is you don’t often see sisters blogging together or even many teenage bloggers. I think it’s also unique because you get to see two completely different styles on the blog since Claire and I have different tastes in fashion.

What is it like working together as sisters?

Claire: It’s been really interesting seeing how different our styles are! It’s also been great having an amazing sister to help me out with the blog!

What has been your favorite experience so far?

Gabby: It’s been really great for me getting work with so many different companies, not just fashion companies but also foundations that work to inspire and encourage girls.

Claire: I loved getting to work with Alyce Paris because I am a big fan of their designs, and they were awesome to model. The people were also amazing to work with. It’s been super fun being able to model all of these designs for them on the blog.

What fashionistas and style leaders inspire the two of you?

Gabby: Two of my style icons would have to be Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens! I love how classy and original Taylor’s style is, but I also love how bohemian Vanessa Hudgens’ style is.

Claire: My style icon would have to be Blake Lively! I love how classy and timeless all of her red carpet looks are and also her bohemian style in everyday life.

What are each of your aspirations for the future?

Gabby: My aspirations for the future are to finish college in four years and earn my degree in Criminal Justice. Crime Scene Investigation. With The Trend Sisters, my goals are to be able to work with more companies and become better at creative writing. My long-term goals for the blog are to become more involved with the foundations I am a part of and to use my social media platforms to make a difference!

Claire: My aspirations are to go to college and eventually become a marine biologist. I possibly want to have a side job as an artist. I would also like to live in another country for a while and transfer to a modeling agency like Ford or Wilhelmina.

Why did you join the Student Advisory Board? What do you hope to accomplish with this group?

Gabby: I joined the 1DF Student Advisory Board because I thought it was a great opportunity to help other girls pursue their dreams and give them the opportunity to do things they’ve always wanted to do. I’m excited to be a part of 1DF because I think it is a great program that encourages and inspires young girls!

What advice do you have for girls wanting to pursue fashion or any dream?

Gabby: My advice would be to never let anyone tell you that your dreams can’t happen. It sounds cliché, but I never would have thought we would be where we are today with the blog. Keep trying and don’t ever give up!

Claire: If you want to pursue a fashion career, then I would say start with your own fashion blog! It’s a great way to practice for a job in the fashion industry and find out if you really like it or not.


Interview conducted by: Stephanie Taylor, 1,000 Dreams Fund Contributor