This Month Is All About The #StuffWeLove!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s one of our favorite days because we get to celebrate the people and things we love.

So we couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of a new series for the 1,000 Dreams Fund — StuffWeLove. This content series is all about the influencers, movements and, well, stuff that matters to YOU! It’s the stuff that inspires you to go for your dreams in big and audacious ways!

To help launch the series, we got a little help. The 1,000 Dreams Fund student ambassadors, Student Advisory Board and our staff have put together their picks for the people and trends that we love and that YOU need to know about in 2017. For the next five days, we will be sharing the #StuffWeLove!

And we need YOUR help too! Make sure to follow us @1000DreamsFund + share your thoughts with #StuffWeLove! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the things that are moving our lives in a positive, dream-achieving direction!

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1,000 Dreams Fund Team