Shantia L., 17 – Funded

“I have been confident in being a pediatrician ever since I was little,” says Shantia L., a Murphy High School junior. This Girl on the Rise is currently researching what colleges might be most suitable for her as she pursues her dream.

Have you gone through any tough or challenging times? If yes, how did you deal with those challenges?

When I’m going through a hard time, I mostly like to stay to myself so I won’t come off strong or aggressive to other people. I let them know that today is one of those days that I just want to chill and be by myself. I sit and listen to music because it calms me. If I’m at home, I just freely draw something even if it doesn’t make sense — or I will paint and collect my thoughts. I will write things that make me feel better and then I will write things that have made me sad and burn it so all of the bad things can disappear.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a Girl on the Rise?

This is an amazing opportunity to get my life started on the right track. The funds will help me visit a college and pay for things at that college visit. I don’t come from a place where money is given to you, so this helps me realize I do have help and that I can look at the bigger picture when there is a whole world out there.

What inspired you to want to be involved with Girls on the Rise?

I found out about this program through Big Brothers Big Sisters. As I read over it with my grandma, she said I should sign up because it can help you in the future even if you don’t see it now.

How will funding from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals? In other words: Why is the opportunity to visit your prospective colleges important to your journey?

It will go a long way in helping me. As I do my research online about which school I want to visit, I will have an opportunity to go and look at it and walk around, eat lunch, and be prepared with a visual of what the future could hold.

What schools will you use the funding to visit, and why?

I’m not 100 percent sure yet, but I know that when I dig deeper into colleges, I will find somewhere that is a best fit for me outside of Mobile, Alabama.