resleyGG, 29 – FUNDED

If you asked @resleyGG to describe her gaming style, she’d tell you it’s “casual, chaotic, and klutzy.” But what’s really important to this BroadcastHER Academy winner is that her space is filled with silliness, kindness, and positivity.

She has been gaming ever since she was able to hold a controller. Now, she loves all sorts of games — especially RPGs and exploration games — and will play just about anything at least once!

What is your dream in esports and gaming?

My dream is to facilitate the creation of initiatives that empower and provide opportunities to gamers of marginalized identities — ideally in a position involving Project Management, Event Operations, or Outreach/Partnerships. I believe that gaming and esports are for everyone and aspire to open doors for others as they have been opened for me, as well as create seats at the table for those that face even more barriers to entry than me.

What does being the BroadcastHER Academy winner, which includes a $1,000 grant and all-expense-paid visit to the HyperX Esports Arena to shadow, mean to you and how will it help you reach your goals?

Being a BroadcastHER Academy Fellow is a life-changing experience. My visit to the HyperX Arena was a dream that left me feeling so inspired! The $1,000 grant will allow me to travel to conferences, tournaments, and other professional learning opportunities that I would not have been able to attend otherwise. I am so grateful and excited for all the opportunities this fellowship will allow me to pursue!

Women and femmes are underrepresented in gaming, broadcasting, and esports. What can we do to change this?

I have seen enormous growth in women and femme talent entering the gaming/esports scene over the past few years, and I believe that is largely due in part to grassroots efforts regarding professional development, hands-on learning, and community education on social issues in the industry.

Game companies have started to support and raise awareness about this mission, too, with the launch of initiatives such as VCT Game Changers and Calling All Heroes, but there is a ton of impressive work being done in smaller communities across multiple game titles, as well!

The creation of high-quality and (most importantly) safe opportunities for young talent to gain competitive experience, receive mentorship, and network with other professionals is vital to diversifying the industry. This opens doors for those who may not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

Whether it be safe communities to game in, educational workshops, or competitive events that provide valuable experience to gender-marginalized players and talent, I feel strongly that accessible opportunities are key to increasing representation and visibility.

What are you most inspired by when it comes to creating encouraging content for young women and femmes in gaming, broadcasting, and esports?

Seeing women, femme, and nonbinary gamers work towards their dreams is what drives me day-to-day.

I’ve been so lucky to meet some of the most dedicated, passionate players and talent over the past few years. They inspire me endlessly and make my work feel so meaningful.

I’m committed to doing whatever I can to continue supporting them through competitive events, educational workshops, content opportunities, and other projects that will increase awareness and viewership of these amazing individuals.

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?

When working to get my foot in the door towards the start of my esports journey, I found myself sacrificing a lot in order to accept gigs that would build out my resume. This took a toll on me, especially as I was balancing a full-time job as a public school teacher.

I found myself stressing over saying “no” to opportunities as I worried that might close doors to me in the future — especially given the challenges women often face when pursuing a career in esports.

It’s hard to feel like you’re doing enough in such a competitive industry, especially when you feel like you have a magnifying glass on your work due to your identity. It’s easy to burn out if you’re not mindful. Now that I’ve been in this profession for a bit, I’ve slowly been able to accept more sustainable positions that empower me to bring the best version of myself to everything I do.

What advice do you have for women and femmes who want to start broadcasting?

Don’t underestimate yourself! There is no singular path and different roads lead to the same castle.

I spent so long not feeling good enough and wondering if I was wasting my time. I’m lucky to have had friends and colleagues who encouraged me to take leaps of faith despite my worries, and some of the opportunities that came from those moments ended up being formative milestones for me. The worst thing they can say is ‘no’! If you love what you do and it brings you joy, keep shooting your shot.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals?

Knowing that I can make a positive difference in someone’s life through my work keeps me motivated. I love the communities I’m a part of and want to see those I serve succeed, which gives me a sense of purpose!

Additionally, on a personal level, I think having a growth mindset and being open to failure is so important when pursuing a career in an entertainment-based industry. If you don’t get an opportunity, it’s not a reflection on you! There’s just so much passion and talent out there. It’s important to treat everything as a chance to learn and grow. Maybe you gained something from an interview that you’ll use later, or you added someone to your network who may call on you for future opportunities.

I genuinely believe there is room in this industry for everyone as long as you’re willing to persevere through more difficult moments and keep your goals in sight. I often think back to where I was when I started. While there is a lot more I’d like to accomplish, back then I would have never dreamed of being where I am now!

I feel so lucky to do what I love, surrounded by such awesome colleagues, and to have access to incredible opportunities like 1DF’s BroadcastHER Academy. Prioritizing gratitude in my work helps keep me grounded.