Rapulu, 18 – FUNDED

Women are underrepresented in the world of sports. Rapulu Okolo wants to change that. The Kansas City native is a winner of our #MyCollegeCosts challenge, underwritten by Charles Schwab, and wants to break the glass ceiling for young women in sports. A student at Maryville University of Saint Louis, she plans to use her funding for study abroad: something that will greatly take her career to the next level.

What is your professional dream?

My dream is to break the glass ceiling for women in the business of sports. I hope to work at a multi-purpose sport and entertainment facility where I lead Corporate Hospitality.

What are challenges you’ve faced while trying to fund your professional dream?

It has been challenging to fund my study abroad trip (that will tremendously progress my career) while also allocating funds to pay for conferences and other educational experiences.

What hidden cost of college did you want funded and why?

I am looking to fund my college study abroad trip to Europe through our Sport Business Program! Receiving funding allows me to spend more time enhancing my knowledge and experience in the business of sports.

What does winning the #MyCollegeCosts challenge mean to you?

Winning the #MyCollegeCosts Challenge allows me to fully dedicate my time and energy to doing well in my coursework and to genuinely enjoy my experiential journey without worrying about the cost.

What about the challenge most excited you?

I was most excited by the opportunity to showcase my marketing/communication skills to friends, family and people on social media.

How do you fund your college costs? (e.g. part-time job, scholarships, etc.)

I use scholarships and grants to cover my college expenses; based on academic merit and financial need.

What advice do you have for young women facing financial hardship while pursuing their college dreams?

Utilize scholarship portals like GrowYourGiving and College Greenlight. Also, use your advisor and college’s career services and writing center to receive help on resumes and proofreading for essays. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged by your GPA. A strong record of community engagement and education or career professionals that can speak to your character goes a long way!