1,000 Dreams Fund Blog

Sa’Niyyah S., 16 – Funded

Sa’Niyyah S. is in her junior year of high school, but she already has big dreams ahead. This Girl on the Rise wants to major in nursing at an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) and become a labor and delivery nurse! What is something you are most proud of? Graduating my six-week CNA program!

Annissa D., 17 – Funded

Annissa D. wants to be a microbiologist in the U.S. Navy or in a medical setting. The first step for this Girl on the Rise is getting her biology degree at one of her top-pick schools like Arizona State University. What is something you are most proud of? I’m proud of finding a love for

Camila S., 17 – Funded

Something that Camila S. is passionate about is helping businesses succeed. It’s why this Girl on the Rise is interested in studying marketing, after she graduates from San Bernardino High School in 2024. What is something you are most proud of? I am proud of being a girl who is ambitious and always pushes forward to

Lianna M., 16 – Funded

A big goal for Lianna M. is to not only get her bachelor’s degree but also her master’s degree in either animal/marine sciences or psychology. This Girl on the Rise has her eye on California State University, Monterey Bay, to do just that. What is something you are most proud of? I am proud of

Agustina A., 17 – Funded

Computer engineering is the college major that’s on Agustina A.’s mind. This Girl on the Rise is looking forward to attending a four-year university — perhaps one of the locations of University of California like Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, or San Diego — as the next step in her professional dream. What is something

Adele B., 17 – Funded

Adele B. hasn’t even graduated from GCISD Collegiate Academy at Tarrant County College Northeast yet, but she has already made huge strides towards college. This Girl on the Rise will be graduating high school with an associate’s degree already in her pocket as the goes on to pursue a computer science degree. Her professional dream

Shaniya S., 17 – Funded

Shaniya S. is a high-school senior, but she’s already thinking about her next steps. This Girl on the Rise wants to study diagnostic medical sonography at one of her dream schools like Fort Valley State University, Albany State University, or Kennesaw State University. What is something you are most proud of? I’m proud of how

Angel A., 17 – Funded

Angel A. wants to fight for disadvantaged people of color around the world as either a lawyer or diplomat. So it may come as no surprise that this Girl on the Rise is planning on majoring in Political Science and International Relations on a pre-law track. Her dream universities include Georgetown, Howard, Yale, and Emory.

Daria Startseva, 27 – FUNDED

“I relish the idea of devising new teaching experiments and delving ever deeper into the subject, leading to an unparalleled understanding of it. And I genuinely believe this is what I want to dedicate my life to!” says Daria Startseva, who is currently working on her master’s degree in Linguistics at Florida Atlantic University. Here

Dalitso Mseteka, 20 – FUNDED

Do you know what an actuary does? They use advanced math skills to deal with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty. And that’s precisely why Dalitso Mseteka is so drawn to this field. This 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient is attending Oakwood University to concentrate her studies in the power duo behind this