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Micah H., 17 – Funded

While Micah H. wants to eventually work for one of the top social media platforms, this Girl on the Rise is also passionate about continuing to teach underrepresented girls how to code and computer science skills. The Laurel High School senior is considering Spelman College and Howard University, where she wants to study information technology.

Eleanor O., 17 – Funded

“Navigating the college process on my own has showed me the deep injustices of the current educational system, and I want to make it more accessible for students of color,” says Eleanor O. The senior at Kingston High School has big dreams to work in justice and education reform or environmental policy. For now, this Girl

Dolapo A., 16 – Funded

Dolapo A. is a senior at Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Brooklyn, New York, so college is right around the corner. This Girl on the Rise wants to be a software developer and build the next great app. The next step for her? Studying computer science, possibly at one of her dream schools

Monica Y., 17 – Funded

Monica Y., a senior at Biloxi High School, plans to pursue a major in business and a biology minor — possibly specializing in neuroscience. She wants to open her own practice in the future. But this Girl on the Rise also wants to travel the world. “I love to experience new cultures and learn about

Kendra J., 17 – Funded

“The Girls on the Rise program is one of my ‘some way, somehows’ to get to where I want to be in the future and I am forever grateful!” says Kendra J., a junior at Alabama Connections Academy. She’s interested in three main categories of study — marine biology/geology science; business and entrepreneurship; and liberal

Shantia L., 17 – Funded

“I have been confident in being a pediatrician ever since I was little,” says Shantia L., a Murphy High School junior. This Girl on the Rise is currently researching what colleges might be most suitable for her as she pursues her dream. Have you gone through any tough or challenging times? If yes, how did

Michelle H., 17 – Funded

Michelle H. loves history and is looking forward to studying it at one of her dream schools — Bowdoin College or University of California, Berkeley. This Branham High School senior would like to pursue consulting or museum work in the future. Here’s what else this Girl on the Rise had to say. What is something

Benita B., 17 – Funded

Benita B. has overcome many challenges to get to where she is today. Now, the Wilde Lake High School senior is more focused than ever on kickstarting her studies in software engineering. This Girl on the Rise will be visiting one of her dream schools — Yale — in New Haven, Connecticut while also considering University of Maryland, Brown,

Tamaria H., 17 – Funded

Having already been accepted into Louisiana’s Grambling State University, Tamaria H. is excited to finish out her senior year at Bloomington High School before her next big adventure. The Girl on the Rise will be studying nursing and ultimately wants to be a pediatrician What is something you are most proud of? Getting accepted into

@SammySam, 27 – FUNDED

Over on @SammySam‘s stream, you can expect “50% pro plays,  50% potato gameplay, and 100% chill vibes.” This BroadcastHER Grant winner plays everything from spooky games to battle royales, but she’s most passionate about promoting kindness and positivity. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I have an ambitious goal of being the face