@MelaninQueenLay, 29 – Funded

Meet MelaninQueenLay (she/her).

What is your dream in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

My dream is to be a full-time content creator and inspire others to create content — whether it is in gaming, cooking, podcasting, or whatever type of content they enjoy. I want to help inspire people to reach that goal.

I want to be so creative with my content that people are always looking forward to the next video and enjoy every minute of it; people probably already do now, but I want to reach out to more people and catch their eyes with my content! I just want to be an inspiration for others to not give up and to stay consistent with what they like to do.

To do full-time content creating, it definitely takes consistency, dedication, and creativity. I do want be a multi-talented content creator — meaning that I do more than just one thing, because I want to be known for doing multiple things. I haven’t really dabbled in esports very much, but I do play some games competitively, so it would be dope to experience and be a part of that scene — just to see what it’s like in a competitive nature in the esports environment.

My main goal of creation is to put my name out there and then also if I can help others in any way — whether it’s giving advice, introducing new tools when it comes to streaming content creation, being a mentor, or just helping others in general try to reach their goals to the best of my abilities. My goal in gaming would be to be part of a game development team. Playing games is so fun, but being behind the scenes to help create that enjoyment is an even bigger goal. Seeing people enjoy something you helped create is a big achievement and it inspires you to keep going.

Please share how winning support from 1,000 Dreams Fund is important to your dream and what impact it will have on your career?

This is important for my dream because at different types of conventions you’re bound to run into people with the same likes and interest, and you can either work with them, become friends with them, or gain more inspiration from them. It’s always good to meet people in the same space you are in.

Also, you never know who you meet and sometimes meeting the right person at the right time can open up doors for you and help you further your dream.

This will help me with my career, as it helps introduce me to more people with the same interests as me. I’ll be inspired by others and motivated to do better with my own content creation, so that I can reach the goals that I’m trying to reach.

What advice do you have for women & femmes who want to work in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

Never give up. We already have a hard time in gaming, content creation, and competitive spaces. Sometimes you just have to block all that negative energy out and focus on what you’re trying to do at the end of the day. The best thing you can do is stay consistent, stay motivated, and if something isn’t working with your content, then it never hurts to try something different. Content creation is all about trial and error so you just have to find something that works for you and that you enjoy doing.

Also, don’t get demotivated by people moving faster than you. Everybody moves at their own pace. Sometimes it takes a minute for things to kick off; but when they kick off, you just have to be ready. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for others, but as long as you continue doing what you’re doing and you don’t lose motivation and confidence, then you can definitely reach your dreams.

Keep the positive vibes and good energy flowing always. One other thing is make sure to take breaks because being in this space can cause serious burnout, so taking breaks is good to keep your mental health balanced.