Linda, 18 – FUNDED

Linda Omali attends the University of Kentucky, where she’s majoring in biochemistry as an undergraduate. The 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient has her eye on medical school, though, as she sets her course for the future.

What is your professional dream?

My professional dream is to become an anesthesiologist.

How will you use the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship?

The 1,000 Dreams Scholarship will be utilized towards financial fees.

How is this scholarship helping you get closer to your dream? 

This scholarship is helping me get closer to my dreams by lessening the burden of money and to allowing me to stay focused on my education.

What advice do you have for other young women who are wanting to pursue their dreams?

The advice I have for other young women who are wanting to pursue their dreams is to always use that dream as motivation to do the best in life.

​Have you had any setbacks? How did you move past them?

A setback of mine was always being underestimated in terms of academics, but I have always moved past them by proving those who doubted me wrong. 

What’s next for you? What is your next goal?

My next goal is to do the best I can in my four years of college in order to make it into medical school.