@LaLadyPanda, 42 – Funded

Meet LaLadyPanda (they/she).

What is your dream in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

Streaming and gaming changed my life. I met both my spouses through gaming. I owe my career, sense of self-worth, success, and family to gaming, streaming, and online friendships. I want to give the gift of a PC and gaming to my community. I hope to one day be able to build and give away one PC every couple of months on my channel to help people have access to gaming and a stable computer for work or school, too.

Please share how winning support from 1,000 Dreams Fund is important to your dream and what impact it will have on your career?

As a content creator and a person with an invisible disability, growth in this industry is not an easily achievable goal. I have to constantly put myself out there and make a name for myself. My impact is the most important part of being a streamer to me.

A huge part of networking in the gaming industry revolves around making connections and having face-to-face meetings with industry leaders, possible sponsors, and gaming companies. With my agoraphobia panic disorder, this can sometimes be a monumentally difficult obstacle. But I push through and have been successful at attending a few conventions. Last year, I attended TwitchCon and made some incredibly important connections.

This year, TwitchCon seemed like a pipe dream as I’ve been struggling with my mental health and finances due to a breast cancer diagnosis. 1,000 Dreams Fund is making my wish to be able to attend TwitchCon San Diego a reality and I cannot thank you enough. This means the world to me, especially this year. I can’t wait to go! Thank you so much!

What advice do you have for women & femmes who want to work in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

As a femme presenting person in the gaming industry with some years of experience under my belt, I do have a few gems of knowledge to impart.

  • Be yourself, always.
  • Femininity is strength. Represent proudly.
  • Play what you love and love what you play.
  • Choose your mods carefully. They represent your brand.
  • Be consistent with names across platforms, branding is key!
  • Shoot your shot. You can’t win if you don’t play.

I wish you success on the journey you choose to take. The universe is abundant and there’s plenty for everyone. GLHF!