@Kylaveen, 26 – Funded

If you asked Kylaveen (she/her) about her dream jobs, she might tell you: “A) be a forest witch; B) a rich vampire’s wife; or C) a haunted bookstore owner.” In reality, this JBL Quantum Grant winner dreams of becoming a professional gamer.

What is your dream in gaming and/or esports? 

To become a professional competitive player for Overwatch 2 and VALORANT. I am also looking to join the EA Creator Network for my Sims 4 Builds!

How will this award from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals? 

It will help me upgrade my PC setup so I can stream in higher quality and more frequently!

What does being a 1,000 Dreams Fund – JBL Quantum Grant recipient mean to you? 

Honestly, it means the world to me. I am a university student who is struggling to pay for my own schooling and housing, so something like this takes the expenses off of my shoulders a bit!

Women are underrepresented in gaming and esports. What can we do to change this?

We can provide visibility, encouragement, and opportunities to help catapult their passions!

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?

My challenges have included: low-grade setup, racial and gender hostility, and low visibility.

What advice do you have for women who want to work in the gaming or esports industry? 

DO NOT let others try to write your story for you. Be yourself — because other people are taken.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals? 

Helping my female mutuals with anything they need. In turn, they encourage me, motivate me, and support me, as well.