Kristin, 20 – FUNDED

Did you know? 74% of students can’t afford the important costs of college. A student at the University of Arkansas, Kristin Birkhoff wants to go to grad school to pursue a degree in accounting. She quickly found out that the cost of a requisite entrance test—the GMAT—is expensive. Kristin entered our #MyCollegeCosts challenge, underwritten by Charles Schwab, to help fund this dream.

What is your professional dream?

My goal is to earn my Bachelors and Masters in Accounting on the five-year plan: the Integrated Masters of Accounting Program. Upon graduation, my goal is to pass the Certified Public Accounting Exam. 

What are challenges you’ve faced while trying to fund your professional dream?

College is not an inexpensive endeavor and the extra, unforeseen costs do not help. I have applied for as many scholarships as I can to help cover my education expenses.

What hidden cost of college did you want funded and why?

There are several unforeseen college costs like testing cost for graduate school that I was able to get funded through this scholarship.

What does winning the #MyCollegeCosts challenge mean to you?

Winning the #MyCollegeCosts challenge is very exciting. I look forward to using the funds towards GMAT prep material and the cost of taking the test.

What about the challenge most excited you?

I am excited to further my education and to be successful in my future.

How do you fund your college costs? (e.g. part-time job, scholarships, etc.)

I currently fund college through scholarships and with the help of my parents.

What advice do you have for young women facing financial hardship while pursuing their college dreams?

Apply for every scholarship there is. Although, you may not get some of them, it never hurts to apply. Even the smallest scholarships help in the long run.