JoLynn, 16 – FUNDED

My Inspiration

I saw firsthand the value of a college education in my own family. My mom showed me through her example that a college education was the best investment.  However, it wasn’t until I discovered my true passion, while taking an economics class. Finding my passion has made my dream of college become my reality.

Challenges I face

Money is a big limiting factor.  I have the desire and drive to attend college; however, the financial aspect is a challenge I face.

With the funding I will…

The funding is allowing me to visit colleges.  From meeting with professors, current students, and admissions officers, the grant will allow me to find the right college environment and campus for me and set me on the path to succeeding at future endeavors.

My Quote of Inspiration For Others

If I could change one thing, I would let everyone know that when considering the future, you should find what you’re passionate about and let it drive you to excellence. No mediocrity, never settling for second best, only you, chasing the dream that makes you happy. That’s what’s actually important.