@Jminamistar, 20 – FUNDED

Julie — @jminamistar on Twitch — is a Japanese-American university student, studying Criminology, Law and Society plus Psychology and Social Behavior.  But, when she’s not studying all of those things, this BroadcastHER Grant winner is currently playing Outer Worlds, Dead by Daylight, Neverwinter, and other various short games.

What is your dream as a digital broadcaster?

My dream is to be a role model for diversity and empowerment for others like me.

How will the BroadcastHER Grant from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals?

The grant will help me improve my stream quality with hardware and software upgrades and enable me to create even better and far-reaching content.

What does being the recipient of the BroadcastHER Grant mean to you?

Being the recipient means that not only can people like me succeed in these spaces that weren’t made for us, but it also validates my experience and my journey to be a streamer. It shows that what I’m doing is truly worth it and that helps my confidence a lot.

Women are underrepresented in gaming, broadcasting, and e-sports. What can we do to change this?

Opportunities like this grant are one important way to change the lack of representation of women in gaming because they show that success is possible if you try. We can also continue to support the women who are the minorities in these communities. Lasting change comes from a change in mindset.

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?

Misogyny was a challenge I unfortunately expected when I started to stream — and I have experienced it. It’s difficult to not be affected by it. However, I even noticed that misogyny exists in more subtle ways, too, even among people I trusted and knew personally. It was shocking to realize this, but it has fueled me even more to continue what I’m doing. Those who truly support me have stuck around and continue to do so.

What advice do you have for women who want to start broadcasting?

I would advise women to press the “go live” button and put their best foot forward. Stream like everybody is watching because that type of confidence will make you stronger.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals?

Surprisingly, I stay motivated by taking breaks when I need to. I can start to feel when my focus is wavering in regards to streaming, and if that’s the case, I skip a scheduled stream and let my mental health take priority. Otherwise, I’d be putting forward a broadcast that is not 100% at my best.