Jesse, 16 – Funded

Psychology and neurology are both of deep interest to Jesse, a junior at H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program in Virginia; she wants to eventually get a Ph.D. Therefore, it is no surprise that she is most proud of her academic achievements, which are putting her on the firm path to achieving her educational and professional dreams.

What is something you are most proud of?

I am proud of my academic accomplishments, they show that I am disciplined and hard working. My grades are very important to me and reflect my passion for learning.

Have you gone through any tough or challenging times? If yes, how did you deal with those challenges?

I have been diagnosed with POTS, a type of dysautonomia. Although it is mild, it still has caused challenges. For the past year, and specifically in the past nine months after I received the diagnosis, I have worked hard to change unhealthy habits and to strengthen my body. It took a lot of time and a lot of effort, and I still am working towards becoming healthier. But, now I function much better than I did in previous years.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a Girl on the Rise?

It means that there are people willing to support my future plans who are helping me achieve my goals. It has given me the opportunity to prepare more for college and the application process.

What inspired you to want to be involved with Girls on the Rise?

I have looked for scholarship opportunities, and when I heard about Girls on the Rise, I thought I should apply.

How will funding from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals? In other words: Why is the opportunity to visit your prospective colleges important to your journey?

There are many great colleges around the country that I would like to visit, and the funding will help me visit some of them. The funding can also help me pay for an SAT tutor, so I am more likely to get into certain colleges.

What schools will you use the funding to visit, and why?

I am still researching colleges to make a list of those I would like to visit!