@JaedumGaming, 21 – FUNDED

“Welcome to the party!” says @JaedumGaming on her Twitch page. Through her passion for video games, she loves to entertain, make people laugh, and just make everyone’s day better. The BroadcastHER Student Scholarship winner is currently attending college and studying business — and she’s constantly challenging herself to do better!

What is your dream as a digital broadcaster?

My dream to not only to become a better streamer, but to also help the people who need that voice and that encouragement. I want to make the world a better place for everyone.

How will the BroadcastHER Student Scholarship from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals?

The award will help pay off my classes!

What does being the recipient of the BroadcastHER Student Scholarship mean to you?

I have been given a chance to better myself and to do something that I love doing — and take that love to the next level.

Women are underrepresented in gaming, broadcasting, and e-sports. What can we do to change this?

We can continue showing this gaming world that women deserve a place on the platform — just like men — because everyone can play games.

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?

The main challenge that I have faced — that many have faced in the past year — has been joblessness and trying to make something out of nothing. It can be hard to keep a smile on my face when I haven’t been able to continue classes and when everyone is bringing me down because they don’t believe that my dream will make it very far.

What advice do you have for women who want to start broadcasting?

I want to tell anyone who wants to start broadcasting that you can do it — no matter what. Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t believe you can make it or who wants to bring you down. Believe in yourself and enjoy what you are doing.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals?

I just keep in mind the end results of my goals and tell myself that I can do it.