@ItsWrenn, 18 – FUNDED

@ItsWrenn plays R6 and CSGO mainly, and despite some challenges with online hate, this BroadcastHER Student Scholarship winner keeps powering through it all with a good attitude.

What is your dream as a digital broadcaster?

I would love to become a big streamer.

How will the BroadcastHER Student Scholarship from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals?

I am hoping to upgrade my PC and go to some LAN events.

What does being the recipient of the BroadcastHER Student Scholarship mean to you?

It means a lot to be awarded something and be able to share it with other people, too.

Women are underrepresented in gaming, broadcasting, and e-sports. What can we do to change this?

Showing people that women can make it in the gaming industry — and helping them out with it — is something that not a lot of people think about doing. We must do this!

What are some of the challenges you have faced along the way?

I’ve had a lot of hate. Everyone has said everything was just handed to me because I’m female. I’ve had people tell me to go back to the kitchen or call me stuff that I am just not. And, honestly, it’s annoying. But I don’t let it bug me too much. I have a lot of support, too.

What advice do you have for women who want to start broadcasting?

Do it. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Let them know YOU.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals?

I stay motivated and focused because I’m one of those people who needs to finish a goal before I start another. I love my friends and family who help me out while doing this — and they are there every step of the way.