@Cheesecake_EXE, 31 – Funded

Meet Cheesecake_EXE (she/her).

What is your dream in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

I want to be a creator who can make a fun environment for my friends and community! I want to be an inspiration for people like so many creators were to me before I started streaming.

Watching lets plays and all sorts of fun content of Twitch and YouTube got me through so many bad days in my life. I see it as a way of repaying those people for their hard work by being that same person for other people.

I have a huge passion for charity, so I hope that one day I’ll be known for hosting fun charity events and getting involved whenever I can! If I could be a full-time creator in the future I think that would be pretty neat — doing something I love and being able to pay my bills.

Please share how winning support from 1,000 Dreams Fund is important to your dream and what impact it will have on your career?

Winning the grant is literally immeasurable! Going to TwitchCon 2024 in San Diego wouldn’t happen without it. Meeting other creators, brands, and forming bonds and friendships at events like TwitchCon is so important. Meeting friends you’ve talked to online for months or years for the first time is an amazing feeling.

If I hadn’t attended TwitchCon ’23 in Las Vegas, I might not have ever joined the Women’s Unity Guild. Because I was at the Women’s Community Meetup, I had friends encouraging me to to apply — and I was assured I was good enough and deserved to apply. Without the Guild, I wouldn’t have been a grant recipient.

There are some opportunities that can’t happen unless you’re face to face — and I’m going to make the most of my time this year!

What advice do you have for women & femmes who want to work in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

My advice is to be yourself. It seems a little silly, but I spent years not being ‘me’ and trying to be someone I THOUGHT people wanted to see.

When I started letting more of myself out and playing games I was more passionate about, I saw that people cared more. My friends and community were just as genuinely excited for me as I was. More opportunities came my way as well because of this.

The world is still hard for women to get the same jobs and pay as men, but things are getting better. They’re realizing we have just as much talent as men. I’m seeing more esports casters and players who are women. There are more women and femmes involved in making games and managing their communities. It’s not a lost cause. You’ll still need to work harder than men in most cases, but teach yourself the skills you need for the job and to create the content you want — and make sure no one will have the right to tell you ‘no’ just based on your gender.