Catie, 25 – FUNDED

Meet Catie, one of our #MyDream2017 winners!

Catie’s professional dream was inspired by her real life after her mother was amazingly cured of cancer using holistic medicine. Catie wants to expand that knowledge and forge her path in alternative medicine. A student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL, Catie is a winner of our #MyDream2017 Challenge.

What is your professional dream?

My professional dream is to be able to treat various conditions holistically and without medicine.

How will you use the 1,000 Dreams Fund grant?

After my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer one year ago, I helped her treat it holistically. Within three months, she was cancer-free. I put her on a diet, a supplement regimen, an exercise routine and chiropractic/massage/acupuncture care. With the grant money, I will purchase more books about diets used in the healing of cancer naturally.

Any setbacks? How did you get around them?

I am now contacted regularly about the protocol I used to treat my mother’s cancer and for chiropractic treatment. I love what I do and am excited to be Dr. Catie Heim in the near future!

What advice do you have for other young women looking to reach their dreams?

There were times where I wanted to drop out of school. With six exams some weeks and little to no sleep for countless nights, your strength and determination is tested greatly. Know that you have a purpose in life and you were sent in this direction for a reason. All of your hard work will soon pay off!

What’s next for you? What is your next goal?

After being the first chiropractic intern in Washington D.C., I will be returning to the area to practice! My goal is to be able to open up a math and science tutoring business in the DMV area as well as begin teaching at a community college in addition to practicing within the next year. The sky is the limit!