Brie, 18 – FUNDED

College costs are expensive starting from the beginning. Brie Turner knows that even the process of applying to her dream schools meant she needed funding. As a winner of #MyCollegeCosts challenge, underwritten by Charles Schwab, the Dekalb School of the Arts student is using her funding to pay for her application fees.

What is your professional dream?

My professional dream is to become and dancer and later a choreographer. I would also like to go into arts administration at some point.

What are challenges you’ve faced while trying to fund your professional dream?

My mother’s ongoing battle with Lupus and being a single parent. Because there’s only one small income in my home and my mother’s sickness, there are not many funds to allot for dance training, especially college.

What hidden cost of college did you want funded and why?

The main hidden cost of college I needed to be funded are application fees. I did not want an inability to apply to be the only thing that stopped me from reaching my goals.

What does winning the #MyCollegeCosts challenge mean to you?

My dreams are still attainable even if it’s a little more difficult to achieve them.

What about the challenge most excited you?

The most exciting thing about the challenge was seeing how many people genuinely wanted me to succeed and to vote for me.

How do you fund your college costs? (e.g. part-time job, scholarships, etc.)

I search and apply for scholarships day and night, because I don’t have the extra time nor transportation needed for a job.

What advice do you have for young women facing financial hardship while pursuing their college dreams?

Keep your heads up. Even when things don’t come when you want them to, it’s important to have faith that something or someone will come to shine light on your aspirations.