AnnAnn, 19 – FUNDED

“Music has shown me the beauty of humanity and its power to connect people of all cultures and backgrounds.” Those are compelling words from AnnAnn Puttithanasorn, a 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient who is attending Bard College and studying flute performance and psychology.

What is your professional dream?

My dream is to become a flute professor and to perform in either a symphony orchestra or opera. I truly would not be who I am today without music. Playing the flute gave me a voice; I grew from being the shy girl who would not even raise her hand in class into someone who isn’t afraid to face challenges. The experiences that I have had through music have shown me resilience, perseverance, and dedication. I have learned valuable lessons that I am able to take with me beyond music, in my classes, my responsibilities, and my relationships with others around me. Most importantly, music has given me so much and I want to be able to give back by teaching future generations of musicians.

How will you use the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship?

I will use this scholarship to pay for my textbooks for school.

How is this scholarship helping you get closer to your dream?

This scholarship helps offset the costs of attending college. With this fund going towards my textbooks, I am able to work to save my money for my flights to get to school and other expenses that may arise.

What advice do you have for other young women who are wanting to pursue their dreams?

Follow you passion and be resilient. It will not always be easy and some days will be harder than others, but always remember why you love to do what you do. The journey is what makes it all worth it.

​Have you had any setbacks? How did you move past them?

Music wasn’t something that always came easy for me. During high school, I was rejected from a youth orchestra twice before being accepted into another, and I never made All-State Band. I was very disappointed, but I used that as my fuel to practice and to focus on being the best version of myself that I could be rather than consistently trying to compare myself with others around me. Looking back, I’m grateful that I experienced these setbacks because I worked harder as a result and it propelled me to persevere.

What’s next for you? What is your next goal?

My goal during my undergraduate studies is to enter more flute competitions and gain more performance experience. I also want to get into a summer orchestral training program on a fellowship. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on continuing with my graduate studies and eventually earn my Doctorate.