@analog_amber, 35 – Funded

Meet analog_amber (she/they).

What is your dream in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

My dream is to give back to the community through charity fundraisers, mutual aid, education, and shared storytelling.

Please share how winning support from 1,000 Dreams Fund is important to your dream and what impact it will have on your career?

Winning support allows me to attend TwitchCon where I can make connections with fellow creators, charity organizations, and other orgs who support our dream!

What advice do you have for women & femmes who want to work in gaming, esports, and/or content creation?

Make a plan for yourself! There are a lot of challenges being a woman/femme in this world, but make a plan for how to counteract some of the hate by using the tools of the platform you are on and speaking up when you see something!