Ana, 17 – Funded

After she graduates from Cutler Bay Senior High School in May 2020, Miami-based Ana dreams of going to one of her top colleges and becoming a business lawyer. She wants to be able to create, improve, and support organizations and businesses. But, right now, she’s doing everything she can to help her family and her future by working a part-time job and saving up for that law degree.

What is something you are most proud of?

I’m most proud of the different challenges I have overcome since I arrived in the U.S. I have learned English, and even though I am still learning, I am able to express myself and interact with others in society. At the same time, I have been able to get a part-time job and assist my parents economically, which is a great help at the house and makes me happy — as a student and as a daughter.

Have you gone through any tough or challenging times? If yes, how did you deal with those challenges?

When I arrived in the U.S., everything was new and different; the language, community, house, school system, and country. It was difficult for me to fit in and understand all the changes my family and I were going through. However, I believe that the effort and dedication I put in were the main factors that allowed me to improve as a student and teen in society. Of course, the support I received from my parents was incredibly essential; without them, I would have not been able to overcome these challenges so quickly.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a Girl on the Rise?

This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow as a student. It is so much more than a college tour, it is an amazing chance for me to know myself better.

What inspired you to want to be involved with Girls on the Rise?

I have always wanted to know and learn more, and Girls on the Rise is offering the amazing opportunity to grow and learn more about what is outside the box — and for me to understand more about what I want for my future.

How will funding from the 1,000 Dreams Fund help you reach your goals? In other words: Why is the opportunity to visit your prospective colleges important to your journey?

I have not been able to see the colleges I would like to attend firsthand. So, visiting them in person will really help me to see if it is the place I am looking for — or that I belong to. The opportunity to visit my dream colleges is so special, because it will allow me to clarify my ideas and understand where I fit.

What schools will you use the funding to visit, and why?

I would use this funding to consider visiting some of the top schools on my list: University of Florida (UF), Florida International University (FIU), Penn State, University of Miami (UM), Florida State University (FSU), Princeton University, and Yale University.