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resleyGG, 29 – FUNDED

If you asked @resleyGG to describe her gaming style, she’d tell you it’s “casual, chaotic, and klutzy.” But what’s really important to this BroadcastHER Academy winner is that her space is filled with silliness, kindness, and positivity. She has been gaming ever since she was able to hold a controller. Now, she loves all sorts

MaterialGirlB – FUNDED

Variety streamer MaterialGirlB is a full-time educator by day. But, what she also loves is bringing her experiences to stream and educating on various topics through games and digital content. Her affinity for story- and decision-based games offers plenty to talk about, too! A self-described “nerd” and “ultra-feminine gal,” this BroadcastHER Academy winner’s passion is

DazedDreams, 23 – FUNDED

Currently, DazedDreams is an esports observer, specializing in VALORANT. Throughout her esports observing career, this BroadcastHER Academy winner says she has been fortunate to be part of some of the best VALORANT events: VCT Game Changers, VCT North America, VCL North America, and creator tournaments like the OfflineTV VALORANT Invitational. What is your dream in

elfcoffee, 21 – FUNDED

Elfie — elfcoffee on Twitch — loves to nerd out on video games. You’ll mainly find this BroadcastHER Academy winner playing OW2, Pokémon Unite, and Splatoon but sometimes there’s the random game thrown in the mix, too! What is your dream in esports and gaming? I would love to play on an esports team for Overwatch

Torioyo, 21 – FUNDED

“I love the idea of being a creator because this industry is always advancing in dynamic ways which makes it all the merrier,” says Torioyo who is originally from the Philippines. “I hope, one day, I find myself working with likeminded people who strive for success.” Learn more about this BroadcastHER Academy winner right here.

@nebbiiee, 19 – FUNDED

Some life-changing advice that @nebbiiee — a.k.a. Hana — once received is as simple as this: “Embarrassment is a choice.” “I laughed when I first heard this,” said this BroadcastHER Academy winner. “I thought the advice was stupid, but since that day I have been reminded that it is so very true. You cannot control

@simplyheidi, 23 – FUNDED

Marvel, iced chai, and Taylor Swift are three of @simplyheidi’s obsessions — in addition to gaming, of course. The BroadcastHER Academy winner is a recent grad with her bachelor’s degree in Marketing (congrats, Heidi!) and is excited to see where the gaming world takes her. What is your dream in esports and gaming? My dream is

Saron G., 22 – FUNDED

“Winning this scholarship is not just a recognition of my hard work and dedication to STEM, but is also a stepping-stone toward achieving my dreams and making a positive impact in the world through diversifying technology and innovation,” says Saron G., a New Face of Tech winner. She is currently studying computer science at George

Charlene de la Paz, 19 – FUNDED

Charlene de la Paz is a mechanical engineering major at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Her dream is to use her education to work in the engineering field, and winning New Face of Tech gave her the boost she needed to help feel confident about pursuing her degree (and her dreams!) What does being the

Alexandria Brady-Miné, 23 – FUNDED

“I am so excited to be a New Face of Tech Challenge Winner!” said Alexandria Brady-Miné, a senior at the University of South Florida, where she is studying mechanical engineering. Her professional dream is to use STEM to address major global issues. “The funding, support, and mentorship opportunities will help me explore and implement projects