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@SammySam, 27 – FUNDED

Over on @SammySam‘s stream, you can expect “50% pro plays,  50% potato gameplay, and 100% chill vibes.” This BroadcastHER Grant winner plays everything from spooky games to battle royales, but she’s most passionate about promoting kindness and positivity. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I have an ambitious goal of being the face

@Sprinkle_Theory, 31 – FUNDED

Sprinkle_Theory (she/their) grew up on Sega, Playstation, and PC games, and now loves playing a variety of games — especially chill games. The BroadcastHER Grant Winner is also a member of the Brown Girl Gamer Code (BGGC), a digital community for women of color who are into video games and tech. When Sprinkle is not working

@TotallyKayt, 33 – FUNDED

If you’re looking for a place to “get cozy and forget about your worries for awhile,” that’s the kind of community that @TotallyKayt (she/her) is cultivating. You might also catch some “mediocre game play with a side of sass,” she says. This BroadcastHER Grant winner is also passionate about building lasting friendships while raising awareness

@GlamZaddy, 31 – FUNDED

Proud owner of Gamer Glam Cosmetics, @GlamZaddy creates makeup tutorials and looks with the products and love to see others use the products, as well! In addition to makeup, this BroadcastHER Grant winner also happens to love chocolate chip frappes, Mike and Ikes, and pasta. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I want

@WildSpice, 34 – FUNDED

Cosplayer and photographer @WildSpice is also on the hype train for our BroadcastHER Dream Team, a team that serves as leaders for women and women-aligned folks in esports, gaming, broadcasting, and beyond. Here’s what else this BroadcastHER Grant winner had to say. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? My dream is to entertain,

@Ko_Ari, 25 – FUNDED

@Ko_Ari a.k.a. Corey the Duck finds her true joy in gaming, concepting characters, and creating tales. And this BroadcastHER Grant winner loves sharing that joy with anyone who comes by her community stream which she calls “the Pond.” What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I want to create video games! I’d like to

@Uadjyt, 32 – FUNDED

@Uadjyt a.k.a. Jyt is a librarian by trade and a gamer in practice. She adores promoting literacy and the love of reading and always has a whole list of books to recommend. On this BroadcastHER Grant winner’s feed, you’ll probably catch live story-time readings, some variety game play, and other sweet “Kool-Aid freeze cup doses

@Ciarratonin, 23 – FUNDED

@Ciarratonin is a variety content creator and Twitch Partner with an endless love for gaming and psychology. This BroadcastHER Grant recipient focuses on engaging gameplay and conversations, and her charismatic charm allows people to vibe and get a dose of Ciarratonin! What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? My dream is to increase people’s serotonin

@MamaTamago, 28 – FUNDED

@MamaTamago (she/her) loves connecting with her community through conversations and community games. You might find this BroadcastHER Grant winner also sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to improve stream quality. When she’s not streaming, she is probably drawing. “I have been drawing for as long as I can remember,” she says.  “I love creating

@SporeRose, 25 – FUNDED

Variety-based VTuber @SporeRose is a self-described “magical trans, nonbinary cat girl with a ditzy kawaii personality” who is constantly playing something new and super-cute! More things this BroadcastHER Grant winner loves? Anime, Final Fantasy XIV, pizza (and pineapple on pizza!), cosplay, and ramen! What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I want to be