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Shreya Pandey, 18 – FUNDED

Being a part of the New Face of Tech program “encourages me and makes me realize the value in continuing to strive for success in the STEM field, which makes me more determined than ever to focus on my studies and continue my education,” says Shreya Pandey, a freshman double-majoring in electrical and computer engineering

Jordan V., 36 – FUNDED

When we asked Jordan V. what winning New Face of Tech meant to her, she referenced Ada Lovelace who is widely known as the first computer programmer. Ada once said, “I think I am more determined than ever in my future plans, and I have quite made up my mind that nothing must be suffered

Kayla Rodgers, 26 – FUNDED

When it comes to her future career goals, Kayla Rodgers is passionate about following a path that prioritizes creativity, challenge, growth, and innovation in the gaming and streaming industry. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Technology with a focus in Web Design & Development at Arizona State University. “I am

Faith G., 21 – FUNDED

Faith G. is a senior studying Computer Science and Visual Arts with a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Duke University. But, the interesting thing about this New Face of Tech’s major is that it is self-designed — unique in its cross-curricular intersection of courses that she selected. But, all her studies relay one thing:

Sehar Macan-Markar, 22 – FUNDED

Sehar Macan-Markar’s professional dream is to combine her passion for marketing and creativity with the power of data and analytics to create strategies that will solve large problems for consumers. “I would love to work for a large company and really make impactful decisions and strategies,” says this New Face of Tech winner and student

Sydney T., 21 – FUNDED

As a senior studying microbiology and immunology at Montana State University, Sydney T. is already thinking ahead to post-graduation in May 2022 when she’ll be starting her Medical Library Scientist (MLS) internship. The internship takes a year to complete, after which she will become a certified lab technician! It’s all part of her professional dream

Hannah Z., 18 – FUNDED

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’” This quote from the late Grace Hopper, a computer scientist, is what inspires Hannah Z. who is a computer science major at Harvard. This New Face of Tech winner’s dream is to engineer tech for social good. What does being the

Shinjini Ghosh, 21 – FUNDED

“I am super-excited and honored to be the New Face of Tech and hope to inspire other women and little girls everywhere to pursue STEAM!” says Shinjini Ghosh, who is a senior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, double majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and Linguistics, with minors in Mathematics and Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Daniela Beck, 22 – FUNDED

Daniela Beck wants to become a product manager and is pursuing her master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. “I’m extremely excited to have won this award and look forward to the opportunities it will bring!” says the New Face of Tech winner. What does being the New Face of Tech mean

Carolyn Z., 20 – FUNDED

“I’m incredibly humbled to be a part of this generation of ambitious, powerful women and non-men in the tech industry,” says Carolyn Z., a communications major at Northwestern University and New Face of Tech winner. Her dream is to be a writer in the games industry. “Technology is for everyone, so everyone should be involved