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@AsheIsMash, 20 – FUNDED

“One of the most striking parts of esports organizations is their ability to create unforgettable, genuine interactions with their fans and build dedicated communities. I fell in love with esports because of these interactions,” says @AsheIsMash. “This also motivates me to make sure that these experiences are for all fans, regardless of gender identity, race,

@AnEmotionalTaco, 21 – FUNDED

You can call her Taco — and find her as @AnEmotionalTaco on Twitch! A full-time college student studying computer science who is “high-key obsessed with her cat, Sosi,” this JBL Quantum Grant winner has loved gaming since she was a young child, playing PS2 with her dad. What is your dream in gaming and/or esports? 

@caemck, 22 – FUNDED

@caemck recently moved from Florida to New York, having graduated with a degree in Communications: Digital Media and a Film minor. And while this JBL Quantum Grant winner loves all kinds of games, Dead By Daylight is what you’ll mainly see currently. Other than that, @caemck has a thing for sweets, cosplay, and design! What

@ShmoopleOW, 22 – FUNDED

On her stream, Gwen — @ShmoopleOW — cultivates an LGBTQ+ safe space where she mainly plays FPS. “Knowing that I have been able to bring a little bit of positivity in many people’s lives is what keeps me coming back to inspire more!” says this JBL Quantum Grant winner. What is your dream in gaming and/or

@Snowwi, 18 – FUNDED

You’ll find @Snowwi playing CSGO and VALORANT most of the time on Twitch, as she goes after her dream to pursue a professional career in this space. The JBL Quantum Grant winner finds pure joy in working hard and hitting her goals while seeing progress and improvement. What is your dream in gaming and/or esports? 

@drexel_gaming, 19 – FUNDED

Alexis is a full-time engineering student at Drexel University, where she has also stood strong in the face of discrimination and put in a lot of hard work and determination to become the first female president of the Drexel Gaming Association, which is a huge achievement! Learn more about this JBL Quantum Grant winner’s path

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock, 23 – FUNDED

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock, a JBL Quantum Grant winner, manages her own nonprofit organization called the EGD Collective that’s dedicated to removing barriers in gaming communities and making the industry a more accessible academic and career opportunity for all. The organization does this by powering public-facing student-led organizations on state college and university campuses along with offering

@valentiiya, 21 – FUNDED

When Val — @valentiiya on Twitch — started gaming in elementary school, she thought she was the only girl who even knew what a video game was. That was an isolating experience — one in which she often felt like an outcast. “I had no idea that other girls played video games and felt similarly,”

@wemakeup_steam, 21 – FUNDED

Her name’s Chai (pronounced kaī), but she tells everyone to call her Makeup! And, that’s fitting because this JBL Quantum Grant winner combines the art of makeup, STEAM, and video games in an entertaining fashion, streaming an array of things on Twitch, where you can find her at @wemakeup_steam. What is your dream in gaming

@ckcurry, 21 – FUNDED

Maybe you’ve heard of a sports psychologist, but did you know there are also mental health professionals that specialize in esports?! That’s precisely the path @ckcurry wants to take — and, when she’s not studying, you’ll probably find this JBL Quantum Grant winner playing games with her friends. What is your dream in gaming and/or