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@vividlyorphic, 19 – Funded

If you ask her about herself, @vividlyorphic might tell you she’s a “Hispanic gamer with a hot temper” — and that she has a cat named Frida. But her fiery spirit is also what makes this JBL Quantum Grant winner passionate about being a strong representation for other women in gaming and esports. What is

@camillapanda, 29 – Funded

You might see some cute cats on @camillapanda‘s stream — and she’ll tell you that there’s frequent “in-game chaos,” too. This JBL Quantum Grant is a “sci-fi/cozy streamer with a dash of horror” — and she’s an INFJ, if you’re familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personalities. She’s also a commentator for competitive robotics —

@KaylaaJay2, 21 – Funded

“In today’s society, we’re told to only do things that make us money no matter if we enjoy that job or not. I want to change that stigma and encourage people — especially women — to follow their dreams no matter how far they seem to be,” says variety streamer @KaylaaJay2. This JBL Quantum Grant

@OhhMeggs, 22 – Funded

You might find @OhhMeggs playing Valorant, Overwatch, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Warzone, and more — with a side of humor, always. But this JBL Quantum Grant has a packed schedule, as she’s also a college student, majoring in Film and double-minoring in Spanish and Psychology. What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  My dream is to

@MsPinky313, 36 – Funded

Ever since Super Mario World on Super Nintendo, @MsPinky313 has had a love for video games. Now, she’s a gaming content creator and influencer — not to mention the executive producer of “Red Cups and Games” and the co-host of the RealOnesGaming Network podcast. This JBL Quantum Grant winner always makes sure to bring love

@SammySam, 27 – Funded

On @SammySam’s stream, she will tell you to expect “50% pro plays, 50% potato gameplays, and 100% chill vibes.” Kindness and positivity are her jam — and this JBL Quantum Grant winner wants to be a role model for other women in gaming to consistently showcase that the negative words used to put women down

@yessycake, 32 – Funded

Puerto Rican content creator and tournament host @YessyCakee has a passion for art, gaming, streaming, and promoting awareness and positivity. This JBL Quantum Grant winner is currently transitioning from being a full-time Apex creator to a variety streamer, where she does art and sometimes play other games. However, her tournaments are only for the Apex

@pinkotters, 26 – Funded

You can see some of artist @pinkotters on her Instagram page and she has big dreams for her art in the gaming industry. This JBL Quantum Grant winner will be graduating soon with not one, but two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Here’s more about this emerging talent and what keeps her motivated. What is

@anarchyasf, 20 – Funded

Graphic designer and speedrunner @anarchyasf loves bringing others’ creative visions to life. It fuels her dreams in the gaming space. Here’s what else this JBL Quantum Grant winner told us. What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  I want to make it as a creative and see my creative vision carried out for an

@emmuhline, 20 – Funded

Video games have always been a major aspect of @emmuhline‘s life. “They have shaped who I am today and how I socialize with others,” says this JBL Quantum Grant winner. “I would love to make my mark on the gaming community.” What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  My dream in gaming is to