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@cathystar, 20 – FUNDED

Yes, @cathystar’s middle name is actually “Star”! This JBL Quantum Grant winner is a full-time student and esports director at UCLA and enjoys cooking, manga, and sleeping! What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  My dream is to run competition operations for a major league in esports while creating more opportunities for minorities who

@Lynzor, 22 – FUNDED

You’ll find Lynzie — @Lynzor on Twitch — playing FPS games like Fortnite, VALORANT, and Halo. And, although this JBL Quantum Grant winner is relatively new to streaming, she has big dreams ahead! What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  My dream in gaming and esports is to work with top-tier organizations managing their

@Imfamousx1x – FUNDED

“Being able to give positive vibes and energy to events is such a great feeling as is being a representative for others,” says @Imfamousx1x. This JBL Quantum Grant winner is passionate about encouraging others and spreading hope around! What is your dream in gaming and/or esports?  I really love teaching as well as casting/hosting gaming

@KiindaLiinda, 20 – FUNDED

@KiindaLiinda is an undergraduate student, pursuing her B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering. She has been gaming since before she could even read or write — she even knows four programming languages! When this JBL Quantum Grant winner isn’t studying or gaming, you might find her building PCs (a side gig!), making graphics, mentoring other

@sherl0ckh0mie, 24 – FUNDED

Abby Sherlock’s very first memory of gaming is playing Galaga with her dad. And, as they say, the rest is history! Now, this JBL Quantum Grant winner is pursuing her master’s degree at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, having recently finished her undergraduate degrees in film, acting, media and communications at the

@shleyy, 20 – FUNDED

“Gaming is something I’ve been incredibly passionate about since I was a child,” says @shleyy who is also currently a full-time college student. “I never thought this passion would lead to a potential future career for me, but here I am!” P.S.: If you ask this JBL Quantum Grant winner about her favorite anime series,

@zooomey, 19 – FUNDED

“Growing up, I got a lot of hate and dismissal for my obsession with gaming and watching Overwatch League,” says @zooomey. “I was told that I was wasting time and money by family and friends.” But, despite it all, this JBL Quantum Grant winner has pursued her dreams — and here’s how. What is your

@drDelta150, 28 – FUNDED

Lynne, who goes by @drDelta150 on Twitter, co-hosts a podcast called Protocol Unlocked (@protocolunlocked on Twitch!), where she and her co-hosts cover the women’s scene in VALORANT with updates about rosters, events, and so much more. However, this JBL Quantum Grant winner is also passionate about the intersection of gaming and medicine. “So many athletes

@Clabiella, 18 – FUNDED

@Clabiella co-owns, manages, and coaches a VALORANT team called MocK GaminG! And, she also owns a small esports organization for development, which is being rebranded as Mezmerized Esports! But that’s not all! This JBL Quantum Grant winner is also pursuing her dreams by attending Shenandoah University where she’s in the esports management program. What is

@Rhia_a, 19 – FUNDED

“In my experience, asking questions has led to so many open doors — so, I definitely recommend the same to other aspiring women in gaming!” says Melody, a JBL Quantum Grant winner. Her passion for game design is only matched by her drive to also support other women in this space! You can find Melody