1,000 Dreams Fund Blog

Kelcie T., 17 – Funded

High-school junior Kelcie T. dreams of becoming an OB/GYN and plans to study nursing in college. This Girl on the Rise is most interested in HBCUs, including Howard University and Morehouse College. What is something you are most proud of? I am most proud of passing all my classes. Have you gone through any tough

Analaura L., 17 – Funded

High-school senior Analaura L. has her sights set on becoming a lawyer — and her next step is studying law and business at one of her dream colleges. This Girl on the Rise favors schools like NYU, UC Berkeley, University of Hawaii, UCLA, and Harvard! What is something you are most proud of? I am

Stella T., 17 – Funded

Currently a student at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in New York, Stella T. is planning to continue her dance studies in college by pursuing her bachelor’s of fine arts.  This Girl on the Rise‘s dream schools include those with great dance programs, including USC, Brown, Boston Conservatory, UCLA, NYU, SUNY

Mosammad K., 17 – Funded

“I aspire to use my education to continue this mission of pushing for financial awareness for everyone,” says Mosammad K. “Truly, this field needs representation of women of color to provide a gateway for those who do not have the education to do so themselves.” This Girl on the Rise readily recognizes that her Bangladeshi

Ebony C., 16 – Funded

Ebony C. is passionate about pursuing a future career as a child developmental psychologist or an adolescent mental health therapist. To that end, this Girl on the Rise is looking at key schools like Spelman College and Howard University that specialize in psychology and/or social work programs with courses that focus on child development for

Morgan H., 16 – Funded

Although Morgan H. doesn’t graduate for a couple of years, this high-school junior is already plotting out her next moves in her educational journey. Not only does this Girl on the Rise want to get her bachelor’s and master’s degree, she wants to go for her doctorate degree, as well — hopefully at an HBCU!

Natalie S., 15 – Funded

Natalie S. has a heart for kids. Not only does she look after her three younger siblings, this Girl on the Rise is passionate about a future career as a social worker or kindergarten teacher. In addition to pursuing her Master of Social Work degree, she also in interested in exploring the creative fields, too,

Inaiyah S., 16 – Funded

While Inaiyah S. isn’t quite sure what she’ll study in college yet, she has a strong interest in art and creating things and has also discovered a love for writing. Not only does this Girl on the Rise look forward to continuing her education, she is dreaming about the opportunity to travel to different states

Sa’Niyyah S., 16 – Funded

Sa’Niyyah S. is in her junior year of high school, but she already has big dreams ahead. This Girl on the Rise wants to major in nursing at an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) and become a labor and delivery nurse! What is something you are most proud of? Graduating my six-week CNA program!

Annissa D., 17 – Funded

Annissa D. wants to be a microbiologist in the U.S. Navy or in a medical setting. The first step for this Girl on the Rise is getting her biology degree at one of her top-pick schools like Arizona State University. What is something you are most proud of? I’m proud of finding a love for