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Kiani T., 17 – Funded

“In the future, I plan to become an entrepreneur in real estate to provide for my family as much as I can and work in a field that none of my family has been in!” says Kiani T., a senior at June Jordan High School in San Francisco, California. The Girl on the Rise is considering

Kalaysia R., 16 – Funded

It’s all about slam dunks and crunching numbers for Kalaysia R., a junior at St. Luke’s Episcopal School! Not only does this Girl on the Rise have the goal of playing college, pro, and overseas basketball, she also loves the idea of owning her own accounting firm one day. What is something you are most

Alexis A., 17 – Funded

“I plan on getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and becoming an ICU or PICU nurse,” says Alexis A., a senior at Forney High School. In the future, this Girl on the Rise would like to be a travel nurse. What is something you are most proud of? I am most proud of how

Samantha D., 16 – Funded

With a passion for teaching kids, Samantha D. already knows she wants to be an elementary school teacher. After graduating in May 2023, this Vacaville High School senior and Girl on the Rise will be pursuing her bachelor’s degree in education. What is something you are most proud of? I am proud of how much

Thailyah M., 17 – Funded

Although she navigated a significant personal loss, Thailyah M. is wrapping up her senior year at Gateway High School in San Francisco, California, on a high note. This Girl on the Rise is looking at West Coast colleges and is planning for the pre-med track to pursue her dream of being a physician’s assistant. What

Madison R., 16 – Funded

With her entrepreneurial spirit, Madison R. wants to work in business or start her own company. But, for now, the Girl on the Rise — who is a junior at MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning — is starting to look at colleges like University of South Alabama and Louisiana State University. What is something you are

Audrey B., 17 – Funded

A senior at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School in San Francisco, Audrey B. is already thinking about her future career. This Girl on the Rise’s dream is to be a clinical laboratory scientist, but she’s excited about the next step to get there: studying biology or biological science at college. What is something you are

Jaden A., 17 – Funded

Passionate about the written word, Jaden A. is planning to major in English and minor in creative writing in college — possibly at one of her top-pick schools including Stanford, Harvard, and Amherst. She ultimately wants to be an attorney, so this Girl on the Rise is already thinking about that future J.D. degree in

Micah H., 17 – Funded

While Micah H. wants to eventually work for one of the top social media platforms, this Girl on the Rise is also passionate about continuing to teach underrepresented girls how to code and computer science skills. The Laurel High School senior is considering Spelman College and Howard University, where she wants to study information technology.

Eleanor O., 17 – Funded

“Navigating the college process on my own has showed me the deep injustices of the current educational system, and I want to make it more accessible for students of color,” says Eleanor O. The senior at Kingston High School has big dreams to work in justice and education reform or environmental policy. For now, this Girl