1,000 Dreams Fund Blog

@TheStarSys, 24- FUNDED

@TheStarSys is a plural system of many gamer girls with a passion for helping others and making friends. They’re an LGBTQIA+ inclusive community — and system-inclusive, of course, too — and explore gaming with plurality, autism, and burnout. They love video games, tech, fashion, cars, and making people happy. Meet the four alters, or system

@ShamBamTYMaam, 35- FUNDED

@ShamBamTYMaam (she/they) is a comedian, variety streamer, and self-proclaimed “drunk karaoke enthusiast” — and always wants to make people smile. Here’s what else this BroadcastHER Grant winner has to say. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I wish to make people smile and create a space for people like me to be themselves

@spacevalkyries, 31 – FUNDED

@Spacevalkyries (she/they) is a queer, disabled, biracial Mexican-American sci-fi/fantasy writer as well as a variety streamer on Twitch. “I love all things narrative, cozy, and queer,” says this BroadcastHER Grant winner who also is dedicated to building a caring community. “I want to keep having fun with silly streams, but also talk about mental health

@bubbleguts_,29 – FUNDED

If you ask @bubbleguts_ who she is, she’ll tell you she’s “just a gal who loves being mediocre at games.” She may be modest, but one thing’s for sure: This BroadcastHER Grant winner has not always had a smooth road. Her life has been a “roller coaster of loss, abuse, trauma, health issues, depression, and

@GhostHostLauren, 30 – FUNDED

@GhostHostLauren originally started streaming to get through her massive Steam/Epic library but, in the process, built an amazing support community — and that’s what keeps her motivated. The BroadcastHER Grant winner advocates for mental health and is a variety streamer, so you’ll always see her playing something different. What is your dream as a digital

@elliejoypanic, 27 – FUNDED

Ellie (she/her) — @elliejoypanic on Twitch — is a queer, charity-focused content creator and former game developer whose content mainly focuses on playing hard and soft games. This BroadcastHER Grant winner‘s community radiates wholesome, chaotic energy — and she is a fierce advocate for marginalized communities. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I

@dazeddreamx, 22 – FUNDED

While @dazeddreamx isn’t a digital broadcaster, she does work on e-sports productions as an observer! She mostly observes VALORANT and has worked on the 2021 and 2022 NA VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), 2021 NA VCT Game Changers, OfflineTV VALORANT Charity Invitational, and more. When this BroadcastHER Grant winner first started observing, she really didn’t know how

@MissMarieR6, 25 – FUNDED

Hailing from The Netherlands, Marie — @MissMarieR6 on Twitch — recently graduated with a degree in graphic design. She is a R6S (Rainbow Six Siege) player and content creator with a big passion for gaming and you can see her gun in CCSW, Benelux League, and OPL! “I come equipped with a lot of passion,

@Maggiefps, 26 – FUNDED

Based in Zagreb, Croatia, @Maggiefps mostly plays Rainbow Six Siege. But this BroadcastHER Grant winner loves any kind of FPS games. What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? I would love to help younger generations of girls build a strong mentality to fight off all hate. How will your award from the 1,000 Dreams

@xSinSisterx, 21 – FUNDED

@xSinSisterx plays FPS, horror, and simulation — and vibes to music — on her stream. But this BroadcastHER Grant winner is also highly attuned to the fact that many people are going through rough times and she wants to try and “make everyone happy”! What is your dream as a digital broadcaster? My dream is