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@blanketsgg, 18 – FUNDED

Christine, who you can find on Twitter as @blanketsgg, is currently working on a computer science and engineering degree. Here’s what this BroadcastHER Academy winner had to say about her dreams of impacting the world of technology and gaming — and what inspires her. What is your dream in esports and gaming? My dream is

@anniepoo, 25 – FUNDED

Productivity streamer by day and FPS gamer by night, anniepoo keeps a packed schedule. Yet, this BroadcastHER Academy winner also finds time to flex her additional interests as an esports broadcast producer, VALORANT observer, marketing professional, and event planner! What is your dream in esports and gaming? My dream is to uplift marginalized genders in

@SirenzLullaby, 27 – FUNDED

SirenzLullaby loves to play video games and spread smiles! This BroadcastHER Academy winner creates content with the intent to provide a positive and welcoming space for all. What is your dream in esports and gaming? My dream is to not only inspire marginalized gamers to pursue their own gaming careers, but to create safe, inclusive

@LoveBubbles, 23 – FUNDED

Variety streamer LoveBubbles loves a good scary game that may just give her nightmares. But, she plays a lot of Apex Legends, too. This BroadcastHER Academy winner can always be counted on for laughter and good times on her stream while motivating others toward their dreams. What is your dream in esports and gaming? I

@lexilemonhead, 19 – FUNDED

As the co-owner of an esports organization, @lexilemonhead not only has a passion for her own gaming and content creation, but also in seeing other women find their voice and success in the industry. It’s something that fuels this inspiring BroadcastHER Academy winner, in spite of some of the obstacles she’s had to overcome. What is

@Jasprrx, 21 – FUNDED

@Jasprrx knows firsthand that it can be very difficult in the esports scene for females to be out there and passionate about the industry. But, this BroadcastHER Academy winner hasn’t let that hold her back. Here’s what else she has to say! What is your dream in esports and gaming? I want to be a

@xgompers, 18 – FUNDED

“I’ve always wanted to be that person who does amazing things to help people in need and help others reach their dreams!” says xgompers, an aspiring influencer in the industry and an esports commentator for Valorant. This BroadcastHER Academy winner has struggled with her mental health, but she stays inspired by her dreams for herself

@SpiderTiff, 30 – FUNDED

If you’re wondering about why she’s SpiderTiff, Tiffany will tell you that she really likes SpiderMan and SpiderGwen. But also, one time, she scaled a fridge and sat on top of it pretending to be SpiderMan. “I’m like 5’2″ so scaling countertops to get things isn’t out of the norm for me!” she says. This

@Squajii, 22 – FUNDED

“I’ve always dreamed of competing on a big stage in an arena for my family to see that me chasing my dream was actually worth it!” says Squajii. The BroadcastHER Academy winner is also passionate about seeing women — especially women of color — succeed in this industry, knowing that there are so many who

@RicRacti0n, 28 – FUNDED

@RicRacti0n has been gaming since 5th grade. Fast forward to now, and you’ll find this BroadcastHER Academy winner who playing FPS, stealth, and management-style games, including Apex Legends, Two Point Hospital, and Metal Gear. You might also see Clifford and Zoey, her two cats, on stream! What is your dream in esports and gaming? My