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Sara, 19 – FUNDED

Sara plans to pursue a dual major in political science and nursing when she attends Clemson University. Why both? This 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient wants to help provide medical services to indigent and developing nations — and understanding the politics and laws of other parts of the world is critical to that dream! Read on

Makiya, 17 – FUNDED

When it comes to her future, Makiya has big goals in mind — and an even bigger desire to help others through her professional career. For that reason, 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient plans to focus on the medical field when she attends Missouri State University this fall; it’s a field where she can work with

Cecilia, 17 – FUNDED

Have you ever met an aerospace engineer who is also an equestrian? You might be looking at her here. Cecilia is heading to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this fall, where she plans to keep pursuing both of these unique dreams. Here’s what else this 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient had to say about

Lakin, 18 – FUNDED

Lakin graduates from her Kansas high school in May, but she’s already ahead of the curve when it comes to pursuing her career goals. This 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient will be attending Barton Community College for two years before heading to Fort Hays State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work with

Mirla, 19 – FUNDED

Mirla, a second-year undergraduate student at Boston University, is currently studying psychological and brain sciences. That’s because this 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient is passionate about advocating for mental health — especially for those who might not have access to the care they need. She’s working towards her doctorate degree to provide this kind of

AmyLyn, 47 – FUNDED

It’s never too late to be a student, learn something new, and pursue your dreams. And, AmyLyn is a perfect example of that. The 47-year-old 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient is getting her Master’s degree in social work at Walla Walla University in College Place, Washington. It’s putting her on a path to make an

Vivian, 33 – FUNDED

Vivian knows that every step forward — no matter how small — is still making progress. The 33-year-old may not be a typical college student, but the 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient’s resolve to be a nurse has only grown stronger through her life experience. She’s attending Cecil College in North East, Maryland, where she

Valeria, 19 – FUNDED

One of the main factors that motivates Valeria is her desire to be a doctor for the purpose of helping others. The 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient will be the first to admit that it has not been an easy path, as her own struggle with depression has been a battle she fights to this

Gloria, 17 – FUNDED

Gloria doesn’t just have a passion for playing music; she wants to use that passion as a ministry to others. After high school graduation, the 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient will be attending Faith Baptist Bible College for Women’s Ministry in Ankeny, Iowa. Read on for more of this flute player’s story. What is your

Eden, 16 – FUNDED

Eden may only be a junior in high school. But, the 16-year-old is already dual-enrolled at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia. The 1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship recipient turned a high-school challenge into a high-reaching triumph when she auditioned and was accepted into Clayton State’s orchestra. Read on to learn more about this musically gifted