‘Streams for Dreams’ Charity Event Launches: Will YOU be Streaming to Help US Fund a Dream?

Today, the 1,000 Dreams Fund is thrilled to announce our first-ever Streams for Dreamscharity event taking place in partnership with Twitch this Women’s History Month.

With Streams for Dreams, we aim to support women who are pursuing their dreams in content creation, while raising awareness for the continued gender gap in financial funding for young women in the ever-expanding gaming and broadcasting space.

Given this important mission, we are THRILLED to partner with the Twitch community of top female broadcasters & streamers on this important new initiative. Our goal is to partner with the amazing women of Twitch to help fund our NEW Twitch BroadcastHER Grant which also opens today.

Every dollar donated or raised through our Streams for Dreams charity event helps fund our new Twitch BroadcasterHER Grant!  Every $1,000 donated fund one girl’s dream.

Learn the power behind your donation here.

To register for Streams for Dreams, go HERE! We also have some super sweet incentives, including a t-shirt and other prizes.

Who is involved? Please see below for the list of inspiring creators who will be featured on the Twitch homepage throughout Women’s History Month!

Thanks so much for your interest and support of our Streams for Dreams event!


1,000 Dreams Fund


Alexa — 3/1 7–9pm
DistractedElf — 3/2 7–9am
Tessachka — 3/3 4–6am
TheHaleyBaby — 3/4 7–9pm
KungFuFruitCup — 3/5 6–8pm
Shadowfoxx086 — 3/6 1–3pm
HeyChrissa — 3/7 12–2pm
ThatBronzeGirl — 3/8 4am-6am
RandomTuesday — 3/8 10am-12pm
Hatsy — 3/8 2pm-4pm
TheDragonFeeney — 3/8 4pm-6pm
Fuslie — 3/8 8pm-10pm
Friskk — 3/8 10pm-12am
Amelyth — 3/9 4–6am
Mrs_Wyld — 3/10 7–9pm
LifeWithLaughs — 3/11 6–8pm
Maliveth — 3/12 12–2pm
AndyRaeCosplay — 3/13 8–10pm
Devicat — 3/14 2–4pm
Mioree — 3/15 12–2pm
QuietteShy — 3/16 7–9am
ThatViolinChick — 3/17 6–8pm
Lara6683 — 3/18 6–8pm
TheLuckMusic — 3/19 12–2pm
Tammy_BlackMedia — 3/20 8–10am
Meganlenius — 3/21 5–7pm
Brialeigh — 3/22 2–4pm
K4iley — 3/23 5–7pm
DearAnnie — 3/24 1–3am
MissHarvey — 3/25 8–10pm
itsHafu — 3/26 6–8pm
GillyweedTV — 3/27 1–3pm
bENITA — 3/28 11am-1pm
GlitterXplosion — 3/29 8–10pm
P90Princess — 3/30 9–11pm
Kaitlyn — 3/31 8–10pm

*** Broadcasters in bold have joined 1DF to fundraise for Streams 4 Dreams. Please note these times are in the Pacific Time zone.