Share YOUR #RealSuperheroes for a chance to win FUNDING for your dreams!

Superheroes inspire us to leap tall buildings and show us anything is possible. But superheroes aren’t just on the big screen like Diana Prince in Batman vs Superman or Kara Zor-El in Supergirl. Real-life women inspire us to be extraordinary everyday.

So we at the 1,000 Dreams Fund want to know: Who are the real female superheroes that inspire YOU? Celebrities like Taylor Swift? Business leaders like Sheryl Sandberg? Tell us!

Enter the 1,000 Dreams Fund’s #RealSuperheroes Challenge for a chance to win one of five weekly $200 grants towards your dreams! This money can be used for anything from funding internships to study abroad or even paying for a new camera for the budding young photojournalist. 

Here’s how to enter

Step 1: Follow us @1000DreamsFund

Step 2: Complete this sentence for Twitter: My inspiration is [INSERT NAME]! #RealSuperheroes @1000DreamsFund”

HINT: Pick superheroes that are famous or recognizable in their field. We’ll want to share their stories with our larger community throughout the campaign!

Step 3: Share your Tweet! The more ReTweets increases your chances at winning – and that’s it!

We’ll pick 5 weekly winners on each following Monday so enter as many times as you want! The #RealSuperheros Challenge ends on June 17, 2016.

Or simply use the handy Rafflecopter widget below to enter right now!

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Good Luck! ~ The 1,000 Dreams Fund Team