MentorHER Day 2019: San Francisco Panelists

Arthi Chandran, Vice President, Head, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Becton Dickinson; Board Director and Vice President, 1,000 Dreams Fund

Arthi Chandran is the Vice President and Head of BD’s Health Economics and Outcomes Research function. Arthi leads a global team focusing on embedding a practice of value demonstration and communication through evidence generation and economic tools. She has championed, and continues to drive the proliferation and integration of, a cross-functional approach to innovation and market development to enable broader access to health care technologies. Arthi has been a leader in both US and Global roles and is focused on driving public health outcomes while delivering commercial growth in highly competitive markets.

In addition to her professional leadership in the sciences, Arthi is passionate about the growth and professional development of young women. To that end she is an active board member of 1000 Dreams Fund.

Arthi holds a MPH in Chronic Disease Epidemiology from Yale University, a MS in Regulatory Affairs from Temple University and a Doctorate in Health Policy and Management from the City University of New York.

Lindsay Baker, Vice President of Sustainability and Wellbeing, WeWork

Lindsay Baker is the Vice President of Sustainability and Wellbeing at WeWork, leading the company’s efforts to drive positive impacts on global and human health. An industry veteran in the field of sustainable and healthy buildings, she has held positions in Google’s Real Estate team, as a part of the original team at the USGBC who built the LEED Rating Systems, and most recently as the President and Founding Team member of Comfy, an Oakland-based smart buildings software company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College and a Masters degree in Building Science from UC Berkeley. She is active in a variety of Bay Area organizations that work on building healthier and more sustainable communities, including as a Board Member of SPUR (Oakland Board) and Measurbl, and an Advisory Board member of the Tech Equity Collaborative.

Megan Bloomer, Vice President of Sustainability & CSR, The CheesecakeFactory Incorporated - and Founder and CEO of RAMSHEAD Inc

As the Vice President of Sustainability & CSR, Megan creates and manages the strategic planning for all social justice and environmental stewardship endeavors for The Cheesecake Factory and its subsidiaries, domestic and internationally. Recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For® for five consecutive years, The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated owns and operates more than 210 full-service, casual dining restaurants throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Internationally, 21 The Cheesecake Factory® restaurants operate under licensing agreements. The Cheesecake Factory employs more than 39,000 staff members.

As the founder of RAMSHEAD Inc (www.ramsheadinc.com), a leadership consultancy that specializes in teaching and developing consent frameworks within corporate environments, Megan demonstrates how we violate consent every day on the smallest levels. Megan successfully combines over a decade of corporate leadership with a deep academic and practical understanding in order to teach individuals and corporations how to embrace and implement the framework of negotiated consent.

Megan has cultivated a unique approach to leading women through boundary-setting skills that allow them to isolate their specific goals and move rapidly towards achieving them. By harnessing the power of no – and letting go of the mentality that we can have it all if we just work hard enough – Megan has found her passion in coaching women to work strategically in alignment with their desires and goals. She was honored to explore these subjects in a TEDx Talk and a TED2019 workshop and was awarded a 2019 Fortune Best Places to Work for All Leadership Award for Innovation.

Megan has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management, a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Sustainable Marketing, and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has studied across the world, from the urban jungle of Manhattan to the rainforest of Queensland, Australia and her work spans Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, academia, and non-profits.

In her free time (when there is any), Megan volunteers for several dog rescues and serves as a foster home for special needs French Bulldogs – two of which have become her forever children. Megan enjoys traveling and finding great “hole-in-the-wall” food spots. As a queer woman, it is important to Megan to spend time mentoring and coaching LGBTQ youth and young adults in her community.

Kristina Campbell, Chief Financial Officer, PayNearMe/Handle Financial

Kristina Campbell is a fintech executive with a combination of strategic acumen, operational focus and financial expertise. She uses these skills to grow, develop and empower the people and organizations with which she works. Currently, Kristina is the CFO of PayNearMe/Handle Financial, a payment processing start up, where she oversees Finance, HR, Legal and Compliance. Prior to joining Handle, she was with Green Dot Corporation where she served as the General Manager of GoBank and launched and/or managed key partnerships with Uber, Intuit and Walmart. Previously, she was a Manager with Bain and Company and an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney.

Mimi Li, Head of ML & Risk Products, Amazon Prime

Mimi is currently Head of Amazon Prime Member Central, Machine Learning & Risk Products. Mimi has been at Amazon for 3 years now, building experiences, products and teams. Prior to Amazon, she spent 9 years at Verizon, where among other things, she built and led the Discounts by Verizon product team. When Mimi is interested in something, she rigorously learns that thing and looks for ways to push the boundaries or break it. This mental approach has empowered her teams to successfully build great products that mitigate and preempt risk. Outside of work, Mimi is an active advisory board member of the 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF), where we help young women achieve their dreams through microgrants, mentorship and more. Mimi loves musicals and the circus, but is terrified of clowns. She’s seen Wicked in 5 cities and Hamilton in 3. She listened to the Hamilton soundtrack on her way to work every day for nearly a year before she saw it for the first time in NYC.