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Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship with 1,000 Dreams Fund

Purpose: 1,000 Dreams Fund and our partner Riot Games, want to help up and coming women in esports production and gaming through a life-changing cadetship. Our Esports Broadcasting Cadetship (Powered By Riot Games) is a three month paid cadetship for potential applicants to help further their education along with a behind-the-scenes look at the esports industry via an on site cadetship at The Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre, Powered by AWS, Dublin, Ireland. Additional training and experiential experiences may become available to the cadets.

Learn more about The Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre, Powered by AWS

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The Riot Games’ Broadcast Centre, Powered by AWS (RBC): The Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre is a state-of-the-art broadcasting centre designed to handle all elements of an esports broadcast from production, audio, editing to graphic design and media asset management. First launched in 2022 under the codename “Project Stryker,” the centre can seamlessly manage six live broadcasts at the same time without any compromise to the quality or fan experience. Find out more about the unique set up of the centre in this video. Allyson Gormley, Global Operations Director of The Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre will bring you on a high-speed tour of the most important elements of the RBC set-up. You’ll get to meet Allyson in person at the launch event for this program, where she’ll speak more about the centre, her role and the cadetship.

What's at Stake

If chosen as a cadet you will receive:

  • A paid 3 month-long cadetship opportunity with The Riot Remote Games’ Broadcast Centre team including:
    • A tour and special behind-the-scenes look at the RBC
    • Spend time with the broadcast unit to learn about the broadcast operations
    • Work experience for live events
  • Funding for the accommodation for the duration of the cadetship
  • Travel stipend for travel to/from Dublin for the cadetship
  • Additional mentorship opportunities will be provided by our partners onsite
  • $500 grant to put towards a career coach who specializes in the gaming and esports industry who will provide direct career consultation and guidance to Cadets
  • Two 60-minute mentor sessions to assist in reviewing your goals and final career plan
  • Additional “pop up” opportunities with partners whether virtual or live events throughout the year
  • & much more!

Regardless of your intention to apply for the cadetship, we encourage you to join the free, virtual masterclasses on offer that will help you level up your knowledge of Riot Games and esports broadcasting and production. During these masterclasses you will discover:

  • Get direct insight from esports industry professionals about what to expect in the field
  • Cover Letter, Resume, Application, and Interview Preparation
  • Learn more about Riot Games culture
  • Hear from The Riot Games Broadcast Centre team on broadcast production skill development including MAM, Instant Replay, Audio, & Graphics
  • & much more!

Application Guidelines & Requirements

Criteria: To be eligible for the Cadetship Program:

Guidelines: Applicants must include an explanation of why they believe they should be chosen for the cadetship. Applicants should attend at least one (1) of four masterclasses offered by 1,000 Dreams Fund & Riot Games. Selection will be based on application contents. We value diversity, and all applications will be reviewed with fairness and impartiality. We are especially interested in hearing from collegiate women interested in esports production.

Amount: Two applicants will be selected to participate in a paid cadetship on site at The Riot Game’s Remote Broadcast Centre, in Dublin, Ireland to shadow and learn hands-on from the team.

Application Opens: Tuesday March 5th, 2024 at 11:59PM PST

Application Deadline: Wednesday April 17th, 2024 at 11:59PM PST


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of roles will be covered through the esports broadcasting cadetship?

  • Those interested in esports production or broadcasting should apply. This includes roles that help make a show run including but not limited to audio mixing, editing, graphic design, media asset management, esports broadcast, behind the camera work, and more.

Is this esports broadcasting cadetship only for students?

  • This cadetship is open to all applicants regardless of student status, however a priority will be given to those at an early stage in their esports broadcasting and production career.

When will the paid cadetship take place?

  • The three month cadetship will begin shortly after the application close period in early 2024. The cadetship will likely take place in late Spring/Summer 2024 (dates TBD).

Will there be on site housing available?

  • Housing will be coordinated with the Riot Games and 1,000 Dreams Fund teams.

What if we aren’t able to attend any of the masterclasses?

  • More details on how you might be able to proceed once applications open on January 5th, 2024.

This cadetship isn’t quite right for me, does Riot Games offer any internship opportunities?

  • Riot Games has a dedcicated section of the website that shares information on internships, including any current openings, check out University Programs. Due to the varying school and university schedules in EMEA, internship cycles are not always the same and can also depend on the team needs. If any internships open, they will be posted on the Riot Games website. Another great place to keep up to date with this type of information and all sorts of happenings at Riot are the Life at Riot channels on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

Is this the only cadetship of its kind?

  • The Esports Broadcasting Cadetship is a first-of-its-kind program for Riot Games. Both 1DF and Riot are excited to launch this unique partnership and are looking forward to the success of the masterclasses and the cadetship. We have high hopes for the program’s success, which will guide future initiatives. This opportunity is currently based at The Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre, and we encourage all interested and eligible candidates to apply.

Could the cadetship lead to a career in broadcasting for Riot Games?

  • The cadetship offers a practical, hands-on training experience, providing cadets with a unique glimpse into the operations of The Riot Games Remote Broadcast Centre. The skills and insights acquired throughout the program will undoubtedly enhance your CV. It’s important to note that the cadetship does not guarantee immediate full-time employment at Riot Games. If, at the end of the cadetship, a relevant job opportunity becomes available, cadet applications will be considered on equal footing with all other applicants.

Are recordings of the Masterclasses available?

  • Yes! Recordings of all of the masterclasses will be available on the 1,000 Dreams Fund YouTube channel. In fact, it is requirement for the application for the cadetship that you have attended or watched at least one of the masterclasses and are able to write a summary of your learnings. More details to come once applications open.

Is there a max age limit to the program?

  • There are no upper age limits for applicants to this program. The only requirement is that you are at least 18 years of age in order to apply!

Who is eligible to apply to the Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship?

What sort of experience should I have to apply to this cadetship?

  • This cadetship is open to applicants regardless of your experience level. This program would be beneficial to both those kick-starting their career and and who have already started. The cadetship will be best suited to those looking to get a better understanding of, and have a passion for, esports broadcasting and production. Selected cadets will be shortlisted by the contents of their application and finally chosen through a CV and interview process. We welcome all to apply!

What can we expect during the 3 month cadetship?

  • If chosen as a cadet, you can expect hands on learning experiences with the team at The Riot Games’ Broadcast Centre (RBC). This could include mentorship opportunities within related fields, shadowing of team members, and assisting with live productions on site. More details will be shared closer to the cadetship with those selected. You can be assured that throughout the cadetship you will be learning how shows are put together in real time. You will be rotted through different departments such as Media Assets Management, Graphics, Instant replay, Audio and Production Coordination, with the opportunity to find a best fit and close out your cadetship working on a mutually agreed upon team.

Will the cadets be working on the broadcast of a specific game?

  • Cadets will be working across multiple Riot Games titles, events and shows. The RBC is not dedicated to a specific Riot Games title or event. The team, and the cadets will need to be able to adapt to different context, content and shows, depending on the calendar for the duration of the cadetship. There will be lots to learn!

What sort of costs will be covered if chosen for the Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship?

  • If chosen for the cadetship you will receive a travel stipend to cover the costs to/from Dublin for the cadetship, as well as funding for accommodations for the duration of the cadetship. Alongside this, you will also be paid during the three month cadetship. Any additional costs during your stay will be expected to be handled by those selected.