1,000 Dreams Fund’s BroadcastHER Summit All-Women's Apex Tournament Rules

Our All-Women's Apex Legends Tournament Registration is now open!

Are you interested in signing up for the 1,000 Dreams Fund x Brown Girl Gamer Code Apex Legends Tournament? Please read the full rules below and fill out registration by October 4th! You can also download a PDF of the rules here. To participate in the tournament, you must be available October 24th 8AM – 12:45PM PST!


1DF Apex Tournament Information

“The 1,000 Dreams Fund Apex Legends Tournament is a collaboration between 1DF and BrownGirlGamerCode. This women only tournament is designed to encourage and support more women to get tournament experience and enter the esports scene of Apex Legends.”

This tournament is for players on any system and for those of Platinum III rank and below. (You cannot have received a higher rank than Platinum III in the past 3 seasons.)

    • To officially register for the tournament, you must sign up through the 1DF registration portal. You and your teammates must each submit a registration form. To register you will need to:
      • Access the 1DF registration portal
      • Provide your email & Apex Legends username
      • Provide at least 1 social media profile for verification purposes
      • Screenshots or photographic proof of your last 3 seasons of ranked and current ranked season must be submitted by all team members.
        • Season placements cannot exceed the rank of Platinum III.
        • End of season placements ONLY.
        • For questions regarding registration or season placements, please reach out here: BroadcastHER@1000Dreamsfund.org
    • The portal to register can be found https://1000dreamsfund.org/broadcasthersummit/tournamentregistration/ and at the end of the Rules and Information section.
    • The final day to submit a registration form is October 4th.
    • Registration forms must be filled out to completion. Any form that is missing required information will not be considered for acceptance.
      • If an applicant encounters any issues with signups, please reach out to our team at BroadcastHER@1000DreamsFund.org for help. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.
    • Individuals may either register with a pre-made team or through solo registration. All members are responsible for registering and providing the required information.
      • Individuals will be sorted into teams and participants will be notified of their sortment no later than October 11th.
    • A spot in the tournament is NOT GUARANTEED. Some priority will be given to the following applicants, in no particular order:
      1. Members of 1,000 Dreams Fund
      2. Members of Brown Girl Gamer Code
      3. First-time tournament participants
    • Accepted applicants for the tournament will be notified of their acceptance by the email provided in their form no later than October 7th.
    • Upon your acceptance, you must confirm your participation no later than October 10th!
      • Why the confirmation? If you are unable to attend, we want enough time to reach out to and confirm other potential participants.
      • If you do not confirm your acceptance, you will be placed on a waitlist and another applicant will take your spot.
      • Waitlist applicants offered a slot for the tournament must confirm within 48 hours of their decision to participate.
    • Applicants not accepted in the first draft will be placed on the waitlist. If a team drops out, the next applicant on the waitlist will take their slot.
      • Waitlist order will be determined by date of application submission and other determining factors.
      • If you are on the waitlist and become notified that you have been offered a slot for the tournament, we will contact you with further instructions.
    • Participants of the tournament will be sent a Discord link for the Apex Academy Tournament to their emails. You MUST join the Discord to participate in the tournament.
      • If you do not have Discord or have issues using Discord, please reach out to us for help getting set-up or with troubleshooting.
    • Upon joining the Discord, you will be asked again to read over the Tournament Rules in full and agree to the rules before being given full access to the channels.
      • Failure to agree to the rules will result in no access to the channels needed for full tournament participation.
    • If there are any changes to the Rules, a notification will be sent out in Discord and an update will be sent to all participant emails.
      • A full list of the rules can be found in the Tournament Discord channel and on our site.
      • Rules will become locked and no further changes will be made on October 11th.
    • Please take full advantage of the Discord. We encourage you to get to know your fellow competitors, team members, and tournament organizers. This is your time to shine and have fun, so go all in!
    •  If you plan on live-streaming during the tournament, you must let the Tournament staff know the same day that Rules become locked (October 11th).
      1. A link to your stream must be provided by the date above to a member of tournament staff
      2. We kindly ask, though this is not a requirement, that you use the following social tag in the title of your stream: (#1DFxBGGCTournament)
    • Upon notification that you have been offered a slot for the tournament & upon your confirmation of participation, you are free to promote and share information about being a part of the tournament as you please.
      1. Please refrain from sharing other’s personal information or any other information that may be classified as private (such as Discord specific information, etc.).
    • Winner Payouts
      • Applications will be cross referenced from our full tournament list and proceed with the same timeline as our BroadcastHER Grant. Deadline to apply is November 13. Grants will be awarded and notification provided to recipients by December 15. Grants will be disbursed by Jan. 1
    • Winners will provide Paypal information and receive payment within 45 days after the tournament has ended.
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive cash prizes in addition to merchandise from Apex store and Apex coins.
    • Remaining tournament participants will also receive merchandise from the Apex store and Apex Coins.
    • Room for additional prizes to be available at the discretion of tournament providers.
  1. In the event we need to reschedule the tournament, we will contact all teams as soon as possible with a new date. Teams will be able to indicate if they still want to participate at the new date. If needed, we will reopen sign ups.
  2. If you have further questions or need more information, please revisit our landing page. If more help is needed, please reach out to someone on our tournament admin team for more assistance.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

  1. Logistics
    • This is a women’s only tournament. Any applications sent in by those who aren’t a part of this demographic will NOT be considered and subsequently removed from our application pool.
      • 1,000 Dreams Fund and BrownGirlGamerCode encourage all women, femme, non-binary, women aligned, and non-men players to sign up!
    • All applicants for the tournament must be able to participate for the full duration of the tournament. The tournament will be taking place on October 24th, please stay tuned for more details on tournament time.
      • A full breakdown of the day’s events will be provided ASAP.
    • Participants must confirm their participation to tournament organizers and join the private tournament Discord to officially register for the tournament.
    • Participants cannot and will not add non-tournament participants to the Discord, nor will they share information that may be posted in the private Discord.
      • Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal from the Discord and possible expulsion from the tournament.
  2. Tournament Specific Rules
    • This tournament is designed with new, amateur, and intermediate players at the forefront of our minds. As a result, participants must not have an Apex Legends Rank of higher than “Platinum 3” to be considered for a tournament slot (should not have hit higher than this rank in the last 3 seasons).
    • There are 60 slots (20 teams of 3) available for the tournament. Teams of 3 may register to play together in the tournament.
    • Players will compete in standard, battle royale style Apex Legends lobby rounds, with the map pool cycling between the three maps, (Olympus, King’s Canyon, and World’s Edge) each round and with the ring set to its normal speed.
    • All Apex legends, weapons, attachments, items, and drops, will function as normal. More detailed information regarding these regulations can be found below and on this page here
    • Information regarding maps, rounds, etc. are as follows.
      • Maps will rotate after playing on a particular map for 2 rounds
    • Tournament placement will be decided based on a system that will reward a set amount of points based on a team’s placement in each round and points awarded based on the team’s cumulative number of kills. A full breakdown of our point placement system can be found here.
      • Point system breakdown by placement
        • 1st: 12
        • 2nd: 9
        • 3rd: 7
        • 4th: 5
        • 5th: 4
        • 6th & 7th: 3
        • 8th – 10th: 2
        • 11th – 15: 1
        • 15th – 20th: 0
      • Points per kill: 1
  • Our tournament is broken down into two parts:
    • 6 matches, top 3 highest points at the end of match 6 are the winners
      • Points similar to ranked
    • There will be a 30 minute intermission after match 3.
  • All team members must be present and on time for tournament start time. A grace period of 10 minutes will be given in the event of technical or other difficulties. After the grace period has passed, the team with the missing member(s) must sit out the round.
    • They may rejoin the tournament if their team member(s) return, but only at the start of a new round.
    • If a team sits out two or more rounds, it may result in their disqualification from the tournament.
  • Teams must have a designated team captain and official team names. This will help us have a main point of contact for teams and allow us to get creative as we prepare for and promote the tournament.
    • Teams are encouraged, but not required, to have a team logo or icon for the use of social media promotion and tournament leaderboards
    • Logos and icons can be made using free softwares such as Canva, Adobe Spark, and Wix (however, an account must be made to use these websites)
    • Teams that do not provide a logo or icon by October 12th will be assigned a simple, standard icon by a member of tournament staff for the purposes of the leaderboard
  • Once teams and their official names have been finalized, participants are highly encouraged to share the status of their tournament acceptance on their socials and other digital platforms.