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1,000 Dreams Fund’s BroadcastHER Initiative

1,000 Dreams Fund supports talented women following their dreams across a variety of industries. Our BroadcastHER Initiative and grant programs are designed to support women & femmes who are pursuing their dreams in content creation and gaming, while raising awareness for the continued gender gap in financial funding in the ever-expanding gaming and broadcasting space. This includes supporting cis women, trans women, trans feminine, and those who face disparities and discrimination in correlation to misogyny and identity.

“To identify and elevate high-potential women & femmes in gaming, esports, and content creation, providing the industry with a diverse pipeline of talent to create equitable opportunity.”

BroadcastHER Initiative Mission Statement

Riot Games Esports Broadcasting Cadetship with 1,000 Dreams Fund

1,000 Dreams Fund and our partner Riot Games, want to help up and coming women in esports production and gaming through a life-changing cadetship. Our Esports Broadcasting Cadetship (Powered By Riot Games) is a three month paid cadetship for potential applicants to help further their education along with a behind-the-scenes look at the esports industry via an on site cadetship at Riot Games’ Remote Broadcast Centre, Powered by AWS, Dublin, Ireland. Additional training and experiential experiences may become available to the cadets.

1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant

1DF created a grant specifically to support women broadcasters and content creators. The 1DF – BroadcastHER Grant provides financial assistance to eligible content creators to help with expenses such as travel to gaming conventions, educational conferences, hardware upgrades, and instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits.

BroadcastHER Academy - Powered by HyperX & Skillshot Media

1,000 Dreams Fund and partners HyperX and Skillshot Media, want to help fund, educate and uplift the next generation of women interested in pursuing careers in esports and gaming.

Our BroadcastHER Academy Fellowship for Women in Esports & Gaming (Powered by HyperX & Skillshot Media) provides a year-long fellowship program opportunity to potential applicants to help further their education. The program provides an experiential learning opportunity via an all-expense paid trip to the Games Week Georgia to spend shadowing the Skillshot Media team.

1,000 Dreams Fund - Twitch Student Scholarship Program

With support from Twitch Student, 1DF created a grant specifically to support women student broadcasters on Twitch who desire to work in the gaming industry (whether in-front or behind the camera). Our 1,000 Dreams Fund – Twitch Student Scholarship Program will annually fund 24 student broadcasters and content creators with grants of $1,000 in 2021 and 2022.

Streams for Dreams

We’re looking for Twitch broadcasters passionate about helping those in need reach their dreams in broadcasting and beyond!

1,000 Dreams Fund holds four annual fundraisers in which YOU can apply to participate. These include:

  • Spring – Streams for Dreams
  • Summer – Summer Streams
  • Fall – Fall Dreams
  • Winter – Stream the Halls

We also welcome streamers to sign up for your very own fundraising campaign through our page on Tiltify whenever you want!

All proceeds raised through these fundraisers will go to our 1DF-Twitch BroadcasterHER Grant – a grant opportunity specifically for women broadcasters! To learn more and create your own fundraiser, visit: https://tiltify.com/1000dreamsfund.

BroadcastHER Summit

1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) continues our commitment to elevating women & femmes in the digital broadcasting and gaming space with our annual virtual BroadcastHER Summit event, which will bring together thought leaders, experts and those interested in “upping their game” with an event featuring keynote speakers, panels and networking to inspire, empower and share knowledge.

Dream Stream

Dream Stream (formerly BroadcastHER LIVE!) is our monthly podcast on the 1,000 Dreams Fund Twitch Channel. Each month, the topics and guests change, but one thing remains the same — all shows aim to empower and help the women we serve achieve their goals and dreams across a variety of fields – especially in gaming, esports, and content creation.

BroadcastHER Dream Team

Our 1,000 Dreams Fund Dream Team is a special Stream Team dedicated to serving as exemplified leaders for women and folks in esports, gaming, broadcasting, and beyond through their support of the BroadcastHER Initiative! These members will get a behind-the-scenes look at all things BroadcastHER and 1DF as they help us make dreams come true through planning, outreach, and much more!