Pay It Forward with 1,000 Dreams Fund’s Power of Music Challenge, Supporting Music Education for Children

How many times have you listened to music that really makes you feel something… songs that evoke calmness, dreaminess, happiness, sadness. Tunes that energize; relax; provoke; inspire; educate. Music that helped you get through a hard time.

The language of music is powerful. It’s something we can all relate to. It brings us together — and don’t we need that now more than ever. It’s also why it’s so important that children have access to music education.

That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about our upcoming Power Of Music Video Challenge in partnership with HARMAN and Make Music Day, benefitting Little Kids Rock, an organization which transforms lives by restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in economically disadvantaged schools.

We’re encouraging the 1,000 Dreams Fund community to PAY IT FORWARD by sharing their words of inspiration on how music has positively impacted their lives during challenging times.

These stories will highlight the impact music has on daily life — why it’s so important that music is available to children worldwide, especially when it comes to providing music-based education to all.

So, how do you add your voice — or your music — to the mix?

Share your story and your video here! It’s as simple as that.

Just by telling us how music has made a positive impact in your life during difficult times, you’ll already be making a difference for our younger generation.

HARMAN will also be providing some sweet prizes to six winners — just to keep things interesting. But, you are ALL winners in this because you’re spreading the positive impact of music.

The deadline for submissions is July 10th, and we’ll be announcing the winners starting later in July.