Partner with 1,000 Dreams Fund to reach girls and women and make their dreams come true.

Millions of girls across America have big dreams about what they want to do with their lives, but they don’t have the resources to make those dreams come true. They can’t afford the “extras” that make the difference in future success – from an opportunity to study abroad, to tech devices for budding young artists or journalists, to having those “extra-curricular” experiences that spark personal growth and connect them to mentors and careers. In fact, over 50% of young women we surveyed lack easy access to funding, and 30% don’t even know where to look.

You can reach those girls and make a deeply personal connection with the next generation of women leaders – when they need help the most!

Partner with the 1,000 Dreams Fund to directly reach this important demographic – and tell the story of how your company or non-profit supports the lives of young women.

Whether through a straight donation to our foundation or sponsorship of a study or new program, our Corporate Sponsorship option is completely flexible and dependent upon our partners’ goals.

For more details on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at staff@1000dreamsfund.org

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