Our Festive #StreamTheHalls Fundraiser Was A Holiday Dream Come True

We know a lot of holiday parties and fundraising events have been postponed this season, which makes us SO VERY grateful that our Streams for Dreams fundraisers are virtual by nature. And, our #StreamTheHalls winter edition, hosted on Dec. 7-11, was more merry and bright than even we could have dreamed!

We entered into #StreamTheHalls with the goal of raising $10,000. And, just wait for this… we updated our stretch goal not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.

Everyone who was in on making this happen — our streamers, our partners, our donors — YOU CRUSHED IT!

We raised more than $48,000! (And, that number is still growing!) for our Twitch-BroadcastHER Grant!

Here are three of our favorite fundraiser moments:

RottenPapi received a $1,000 donation thanks to Tiltify’s #ClausMyCause and fellow broadcaster CypherofTyr

Podgie received a $2,000 donation thanks to Tiltify’s #ClausMyCause and fellow broadcast AND 2020 BroadcastHER LIVE Host LuxieGames!

MsAshRocks received a $20,000 Donation thanks to Twitch!!!




We’re so grateful to the following 29 streamers — some of whom you might even recognize as being funded by the BroadcastHER Grant and BroadcastHER Academy — for contributing their time and energy to make it all happen.



If you’ve been following along with our other BroadcastHER updates and you’re doing the math, you know that 1,000 Dreams Fund has raised more than $150,000 TOTAL in 2020 for the BroadcastHER Grant — with Twitch’s support! Check out the recap of our Summer Streams fundraiser here!

If you’re interested in giving back and helping young women reach their streaming dreams in support of 1,000 Dream Fund’s BroadcastHER Grant, you can still donate or sign up RIGHT HERE to participate in #StreamTheHalls until December 31.