Miss Czech-Slovak US Morgan McMichen

Miss Czech-Slovak US Morgan McMichen proves that pageant queens are more than just a pretty face. Raised by a single mother and winning the title of Miss Czech-Slovak US all while being a full time Spanish teacher and pursuing her Master’s Degree, Morgan is the proves that it takes brains, beauty and a lot of dedication to be crowned queen. By using pageants as an opportunity to pursue a cause and having her voice heard, Miss Czech-Slovak US is a force to be reckoned with. Read her inspirational story and about how she is living out her dreams every single day.

How long have you been involved in pageants and what is your favorite part about them?

Being a part of the Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant system has been my first pageant experience. Though I have been asked to compete in other pageants, namely beauty pageants, I chose the Miss Czech-Slovak US pageant as it is a heritage rather than beauty pageant.  To me, it is important that we as a society focus on ideas that are deeper than the surface of the skin.

Who or what inspires you?

My late mother, a single, poverty stricken mother of four, is my biggest inspiration. She died unexpectedly at 46 when I was just 22. Before her death, she always encouraged me to do what I love and what the world needed me to do. That is to be a leader, to unite, and to bring peace. My mother always would remind me that distractions will come along on the road to my destiny but, she always believed that my dedication, determination, and perseverance would never lead me astray. She was right. Honoring her by living out my dream, and her dream for me, is the least I can do to show her my appreciation for giving me opportunities for things she never had.

How does it feel to passionately pursue your dream and succeed?

Living out your dream is the most fulfilling way to live your life. There are so many who are unable to reach their goals because of specific circumstances, distractions, or a number of other reasons. I have always tried to pursue my passion no matter the obstacle. I like to lead by example for my family members and loved ones. I refuse to make excuses, though there are many I could use. With my mom no longer with me, I have more of a drive than ever to see that her sacrifices and my life are not taken for granted.

How do you balance your schoolwork with your involvement in pageants?

I was crowned Miss Czech-Slovak US in August of 2014. This was the beginning of my last semester of my Master’s Degree in Romance Languages and Literature. I was also a full time Spanish teacher during the day. I taught three ZUMBA classes a week and had an internship with the Sister Cities Association of Kansas City. When I wasn’t traveling on the weekend with the pageant, I worked one of a few side jobs. I can honestly say that  I don’t remember much of those four months before I graduated in December! There was not much sleep or social life involved. Since graduation, the workload has hardly subsided. I have begun the application process for the United Nations Young Professional Program and have been traveling a few times a month to attend and judge state pageants while still keeping up my other activities and jobs. I am not sure I could do all of these things forever, but for now, each one of them is essential and being the national queen is once in a lifetime!

What other advice do you have for girls who aspire to be pageant queens?

I would advise them to compete not in the name of beauty or fame, but for the opportunity to have your voice heard loud and clear. We as women must empower ourselves by being action oriented and projecting an autonomous voice. We cannot simply state our wishes and hopes without following through with action. Pageants are a great opportunity to pursue a cause or dream of our choice. They can be very useful in the scheme of us living out our dreams in terms of exposure, sponsorship, and publicity.

What are your plans for the future in terms of pageantry? (or otherwise)

I’m not sure that I will do more pageants. However, I will always be a leader. I hope to continue what I am doing but on a much larger scale. The United Nations and a handful of NGO’s have caught my eye. They too have room to improve, but I am up to the challenge. I was born to lead, born to unite, and born to spread peace… and that is exactly what I will do.