Changemakers: Enter our #MentorMe Challenge to secure funding for your next BIG idea!

You have BIG dreams about making our world a better, brighter and more awesome place – and we want to help you!

Whether you head a student organization or want to run your own nonprofit, we can all use a financial boost and a little assistance from someone who has “been there and done it.

We at the 1,000 Dreams Fund want to support YOUR dreams of social good and desire to make an impact!

Starting today, enter the #MentorMe Challenge for a chance to win one of five weekly $200 weekly grants! Plus, you will be connected with one of our professional 1,000 Dreams Fund Board of Directors to help inspire and advise you during a one-on-one mentor session by phone.


Step 1: Follow us @1000DreamsFund

Step 2: Complete this sentence for Twitter: #MentorMe so I can [INSERT YOUR IDEA]! @1000DreamsFund”


“#MentorMe so I can launch a music volunteer program @1000DreamsFund”

or simply…

“#MentorMe so I can change the world! @1000DreamsFund”

Step 3: Share your Tweet!

Hint: Show your work! Share with us links to your organization, blog or photos of you following your dream for added consideration.

And that’s it! We’ll pick 5 weekly winners who will each receive a $200 grant and a chance to connect with one of our professional mentors!

Or you can simply enter here… HERE

The #MentorMe Challenge ends on Friday, Nov 11, 2016.



1,000 Dreams Fund Team