Meet Our 2023 Dream Team

1,000 Dreams Fund is thrilled to announce our 2023 additions to our BroadcastHER Initiative Dream Team — a dedicated group of women & femmes who serve as ambassadors in esports, broadcasting, and gaming who are helping us make dreams come true through their support of our BroadcastHER Initiative.

These members will get a behind-the-scenes look at all things 1,000 Dreams Fund as they help us make dreams come true through planning, outreach, and much more!

In 2023, for the first-time-ever, we will be recruiting members for our FPS competitive team that will be invited to take part in tournaments, events, and even in-person LANs on behalf of our Dream Team. These members will get some amazing opportunities as they help us make dreams come true through their engagement throughout the year both at in-person event(s) and with 1DF hosted programs! With access to expenses being paid and/or comped!

We chose the group earlier this Spring and kick-off their programming this Summer. Meet them below:

ZahkTV, My dream in gaming is to be someone kind and approachable, who breaks the mold, who other people can look at and be like “I can do it too!”

jhannaaMy dream in gaming is to create a space for other women and minorities to have fun and compete.

LoveBubblesMy dream in gaming is to show that women are equally as good in games competitively compared to men.

Fellybishh, My dream in gaming is to make it an accessible and inclusive space.

msplaced_My dream is to be the bridge. I want to work with companies and organizations on ways to improve communication, opportunities, and growth in the gaming industry that are not being explored from both us as the individuals, consumers, personalities and them as the companies, businesses, and organizations.

elfcoffee, My dream in gaming is to encourage women that we belong in this industry

KaylaJay2, My dream impact in gaming is to show that all women no matter what race or sexuality deserve opportunities in content creation and esports. As a black woman I would also love to see more diversity in gaming spaces as well!

lexilemonheadMy dream in the gaming world is to help be a voice and advocate for women in this male-dominate space to ensure that girls are comfortable expressing their interests. Gaming is for everyone!

ArielPerreeMy dream in gaming is to learn as much as I can while engaging with other people so that I can one day pass the knowledge that I’ve learned to other women and show them that we belong in the gaming space. I’d also like to be a beacon of hope to women of color.

nyxrellaMy dream is to create inclusivity in every aspect of gaming and with a focus in providing a welcoming environment for women of all backgrounds. 🙂


“I look forward to this opportunity. It is unreal. I look forward to learning and growing and bring insight from a different perspective.” – @msplaced_

Want to know more about all of the members of our Dream Team?! You can read more about our new members and returning members, some who have been with us since 2021 here.

Congratulations again to our 2023 additions!