Meet our 2023 BroadcastHER Leadership Council

We have an incredible group for you to meet — our 2023 BroadcastHER Leadership Council!

This is our second year to recruit for this “dream team” — and these council members truly are a DREAM TEAM. 

They’re dedicated to supporting the mission of 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) by providing an expanded professional network for our women along with connections for our BroadcastHER Initiative and resources to help women achieve their dreams in esports and gaming.

A round of applause for our 2023 BroadcastHER Leadership Council!

  • Garvey Candella, Chief Business & Strategy Officer at Acadarena & CONQuest Festival
  • Malika Lim Eubank, CEO of HyperRPG
  • Heather Garrozo, Executive Producer at Raidiant, Esports Observer, CSGO World Champ
  • Sydnee Goodman, Host and Producer, previously IGN, Buzzfeed, and RedBull Esports
  • Jud Hannigan, Previously CEO of Allied Esports
  • Trisha Hershberger, TV Host & Creator
  • Holly Hua, Global Communications Manager at Ubisoft
  • Libby Kamen, Cofounder of Radiance Media
  • Eric Lay, CEO of Elventus
  • Alicen Lewis, Senior Project Manager at Gen.G
  • Jaden LeBel, Director, Actress, and Producer
  • Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances at HyperX
  • Adaora Ogbue, Director, Investment Strategy at Equality Fund
  • Eleni Sagredos, Creator Marketing Analyst at Epic Games
  • Dhayana Sena, Marketing and Diversity & Inclusion in Gaming & Anime
  • Alyssa Sweetman, Strategy & Marketing at Player 2 & Founder of Influencing Good
  • Erin Wayne, Player Community at Riot Games

Our Leadership Council also gets some awesome perks, including:

  • Exclusive round table during the second half of 2023 for industry professionals
  • Participation in special events through 1DF’s gaming and esports work
  • Pipeline of talent for their recruiting, internship, and other hiring needs
  • Networking with other leaders in the gaming, esports, and content creation space
  • Priority for featured opportunities
  • Listed on 1DF website
  • Access to 1DFs network and the women we serve

We’re so excited for what we know our 2023 BroadcastHER Leadership Council will achieve this year.

To learn more about 1,000 Dreams Fund and how you can support our work to fuel the deserving dreams of talented women, click here.