Meet Our 1DF Twitch BroadcastHER Fall 2020 Grant Winners!

It’s that time again! We’re always beyond thrilled to introduce you to our latest round of 1DF Twitch BroadcastHER Grant recipients — our class of Fall 2020!

When we revealed our BroadcastHER Grant Spring 2020 recipients — all 27 of them — we officially surpassed 100 grantees who have been funded through the BroadcastHER Grant.

But, for Fall 2020, we’re just as excited because we have 45 NEW grant winners. FORTY-FIVE! So, if you’re doing the math, you know that brings our grand total to more than 150!!

That is incredible! This is the work we love so much, seeing the dreams of talented, driven young women in the broadcasting, streaming, and gaming channels come true.

Let’s meet them!

JadeValkyri3Junae BenneKaraLynneKiwiOnTheSticks


They ALL were so excited, of course, when they found out. Here are a couple of fun reactions we wanted to share for you to watch on Twitch.

Check out @Zombaekillz’s response when she finds out — complete with an adorable cameo, too!

We got in on @JunaeBenne’s reaction during the announcement we made at our BroadcastHER Academy Fellows trip to the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas.

You can watch the whole announcement right here, too, on our Twitch channel!

Congrats again to ALL our winners!