Meenakshi Barjatia on Why Women Need To Be ‘Loud and Heard’ In Tech

Women are the new face of tech. Meenakshi Barjatia , Senior DSP Engineer – HARMAN International, knows that it’s not always easy breaking down barriers in science. Sometimes you’ll be the only girl in the room. But she advises us to be confident. To be “loud and be heard!”

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Why do you love working in tech?

I love working in tech because it is such a fast paced and dynamic industry. It always keeps you on your toes. You have to constantly imbibe information about the latest trends and inventions in technology.  I find the challenge very invigorating. 

When/how did you realize this was your dream?

I think it was in 11th grade. I really liked math and physics. Engineering seemed like a natural extension of these subjects, with real-world applications that you could create and experience. 

Why are young women the new face of tech?

Women have always been as capable as men. In the past, they were denied the tools to mine that potential. Young women represent a previously untapped resource and with the growing collective awareness of our capabilities. We can expect to see a lot more young women in tech.

What advice do you have for young women interested in pursuing a tech career?

Work hard and pursue activities that help you build confidence. You may find yourself to be the only woman in the team. Do not let that intimidate you. Do not hesitate, be loud and be heard.

Why is this Challenge an amazing opportunity for a young woman interested in tech and the arts?

Meeting or interacting with other people with similar aspirations always motivates me and spurs me on. These people are simultaneously comrades and competitors. This challenge will create such an environment. And who doesn’t love a challenge?