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Apply to be part of our 2023 Leadership Council!

Our Leadership Council is a special team dedicated to supporting the mission of 1,000 Dreams Fund by providing an expanded professional network for our women, professional and personal connections for the Gaming & Esports Initiative, and resources to help our women achieve their dreams. Our BroadcastHER Initiative was created to support women including cis women, trans women, trans feminine, and those who face disparities and discrimination in correlation to misogyny and identity.

Our Dream Team is planned to monthly March – December 2023.

Applications close April 14th, 2023.



If you are comfortable disclosing which ones please also include that info above.
Tell us why you're passionate about helping women reach their dreams in gaming, esports, & beyond!
If you have any questions you are welcome to email us at BroadcastHER@1000DreamsFund.org